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My Top 10 Resort Thus Far

At the moment I find myself being immersed and lost in the sea of resort/cruise collections while listening to the likes of Patsy Cline, The Beatles, to Kelis and Goldfrapp. The eclectic mix of  music is appropriate for the varieties of collections I have been studying. While fashion weeks tend to be Christmas to me, resort collections are essentially the pre-game to the whole extravaganza and gets me excited and fills my void until Spring or Fall fashion week comes around in the Fall and Spring respectively. Regardless how I fap to these presentations and jump like a schoolgirl, I believe I have created a list of my favorite so far into the season, even though after doing so I want to change a few. The list is my original list, but I feel I’d put Proenza higher with their amaze-ball bags and prints and I grow deeper in love with Stella McCartney with her rose, electric blue, and to-die-for florals. So here we go:

Honorable Mention – Lanvin

10 – Tied: Marc Jacobs

10 – Tied: Marc by Marc Jacobs

9 – 3.1 Phillip Lim

8 – Erin Featherston

7 – Proenza Schouler

6 – Giambattista Valli

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Met Gala: Ughs and Fugs

Dear, dear Legs McGee. Can’t you mix it up a bit? While I do love this Marchesa dress, in love with it, I’m simply tired. Pick a new card next time. You are always showing leg and boob together. Pick one or go home darling. It’s a bit overplayed.

I see vampires can’t pull of haute couture, Bella. I thought Alice would choose better clothes for you, am I right?!

Jessica Biel, I want you to go away and never come back. There is a reason why I didn’t purchase your Vogue cover and just took it from my friend’s apartment complex. You are BOOOORRRRIIIINNNNGGGG and I don’t like you. You look disheveled and like you don’t care. If so, go home and never show your face again. I’m sure 7th Heaven is waiting for a reunion special of sorts in the future.

Renee, why such robotic and manly shoulders you have. I kid, but seriously. How predictable was this Carolina Herrera gown? You should really learn how to pose.

I love YSL, but this just didn’t cut it, January. You look like a mess. Better luck next time.

Gaga, why are you disappointing me?! First you don’t walk the red carpet in what could have been awesome Prada, but you decide to wear this tacky wig and Mr. Armani created this nude, jeweled bodysuit I’m fairly certain I’ve seen Brit Brit wear on more than one occasion. Yawn.

Tina, I don’t get the joke.

My, my Mr. Wang. What did you dress M.I.A. in?! It’s like a gold spiderweb of crazy. I don’t even know what to say.

Margherita Missoni, you’re a mess. That is all.


Karlie Kloss in Teen Vogue

Why is does Teen Vogue seem to appreciate models more than Vogue? Kind of. Vogue has it’s normals on the covers plus the normal Hollywood stars and I guess Teen Vogue does as well, but they put at least Chanel Iman, they had Jourdan Dunn, and they have Karlie now on the cover. They love Karlie it seems and we share that love as well for this sweet, but fierce young girl that needs to be seen everywhere. She’s only 17 and amazeballs is only a word that would be putting it lightly. I’m glad they chose this YSL with strawberry print for the cover. It’s young, fresh, and fun and what cover would be better to display such work, although I don’t know of any “real” teenage girl that can afford anything with Yves Saint Laurent on the label, but isn’t that just the point? These clothes, the YSL, the Alexander Wang, they’re there to give girls inspiration on ways to dress, not necessarily having the power to purchase these designer duds is the point. It’s all in your sense and imagination. Anyway, check out the photos of this rising model that you should love too!

Title: The M.V.P.
Magazine: Teen Vogue May 2010
Model: Karlie Kloss
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier