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The September Issue: Lady Gaga

So here it is in all of the 916 pages of glory. A new phone book for another decade of fashion. At first look I will admit that I loved this. Don’t ask me why, these are things I cannot explain. At second glance, well, I find it rather off-putting to say the least. It’s not so much Lady Gaga herself, but rather that the clashing color choices are just so…and the red ribbon…the magenta…I don’t know. I’m also going to put it out there that they could have chosen something a little better. Sure, Marc Jacobs is an acceptable choice for a milestone (120 years of Vogue), but I feel something would have been a better choice. Prada put out these wonderfully printed suits that would have been fabulous. You know what would also have been fabulous for the anniversary? A model. A newly formed supermodel-in-training. Karlie Kloss. Maybe a little less Rupaul, no? Dreams, right?

Vogue September 2012
Musician: Lady Gaga
Photographer: Mert & Marcus
Stylist: Grace Coddington

Vogue September 2011: Kate Moss

Kate in McQueen

I still claim that my invitation was lost somewhere in the mail. Kate’s wedding was the wedding to be at, and such a darling wedding at that. Who cares about the royal wedding nonsense when the Kate Moss is getting married?

First off, I want to thank Anna Wintour for not only providing a lovely cover, but providing us all with a brilliant idea for the September issue: Kate’s wedding. She is but the queen, am I right?

Going through the photos, some big names were in attendance at her wedding. There was Stella McCartney and her father, Paul McCartney, Jack White and Karen Elson, Hamish Bowles, Naomi Campbell, Marc Jacobs,  Daphne Guinness, Lara Stone, and many others were all their to witness the nuptials and the soiree that happened after. Such a charming celebration it must have been.

For photos, follow the cut or go to Vogue.com. I know I will be purchasing this issue the moment I find it on newsstands.

Vogue September 2011
Model: Kate Moss
Ph: Mario Testino

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Vogue April 2011: Rihanna

I’ve had a change of heart on my blog. I’m not going to simply give up or back down on it. What would be the point of giving in when I love it so much?  So, first order of business: here’s Rihanna’s Vogue cover and editorial. The cover is so Vogue US to me, slightly awkward, but better than what I was expecting. She looks wonderful in the Dolce & Gabbana gown and her hair doesn’t even bother me that much; the contrast is great. Her pose on the other hand could use some work. What both the cover and editorial show is that she’s definitely no model. The first shot of her bending back is great, but from there it turns mediocre and poorly shot and styled that the shots seem better suited as outtakes from an album cover shoot. What is wrong with Annie? Bring me models, please and thank you.

Two steps forward, three steps back, Vogue.

Title: Living Out Loud
Magazine: Vogue US April 2011
Model: Rihanna
Photographer: Annie Leibovitz
Stylist: Tonne Goodman

Vogue March 2011: Lady Gaga

Here we go ladies and gentlemen. The full HQ editorial and cover. It’s funny, seeing the cover now, I feel like I’m almost looking at Raquel Zimmermann, but undeniably this is Lady Gaga. The chosen pieces are stunning; of course the Ackermann and the Alexander McQueen is such an obvious choice with Lady Gaga, but I feel there should have been more styling. For instance, I feel like the Louis Vuitton is just thrown into the set and offered nothing but the draped effect. Luckily, I’m glad they included the leather jacket and her white platforms.

What truly bothers me is that something seems to be missing or lacking in this editorial. I don’t want to say that Testino’s photography is off, because I really think he captured some great shots, but her face is off and she seems a bit lifeless. Her expressions are terrible. This could have been better than it was, but there really was a great effort, just poor execution.


What is up with the pink wig. Anyone getting flashbacks to Vogue September Issue 2007? You’d think there were more wigs to choose from her arsenal, right?

“Our Lady of Pop”
Ph: Mario Testino
Musician: Lady Gaga


Sneak Peak: Lady Gaga on US Vogue

I hate to admit Lady Gaga’s Vogue cover isn’t that bad. I’m going to be honest here, her persona currently makes me a bit ill and her newly released lyrics make me roll my eyes and makes me consider to pour gasoline into them and light them on fire. If you’re going to say you have the best record ever, blah blah blah, back it up with more evidence than those lyrics.

Now, you might think I hate Lady Gaga. This is not true. We’re just in a fight and I find her act less mysterious and basically stale. I can still dance crazily in my room in my underwear to “Lovegame,” sing loud and off key to “Paparazzi,” and allow myself to think that I can actually hit every piece of choreography to “Bad Romance” on the dance floor of every bar and party I attend. Anyway, I’m off topic so let’s consider the following things, shall we:

1) She’s wearing a gloriously draped Haider Ackerman gown. Positive.

2) The text is off-putting and engulfing the page.  Negative.

3) Testino shot it, so expectations weren’t terribly high. Neutral.

4) No models here, but is complaining worth it at this point for US Voguee?

5) Is she wearing a variation of Britney’s crazy pink bob? Girl… Negative.

6) Her face is not immediately recognizable, although it may be obvious. Probably positive.

7) This is probably the most edgiest US Vogue will get in a long while, so eat it up and eat her out. Positive.


Vogue: Lara Stone

Lara is such a stunning queen. Other than Testino’s photography has essentially the same processing in every editorial he uses in Vogue, Lara is unequivocally flawless. She’s a tuscan goddess in Lanvin as she is in Burberry and as a statued siren. Perfection.

Title: Tuscan Turnaround
Magazine: Vogue US January 2011
Model: Lara Stone
Photographer: Mario Testino


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