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Vogue Italia: Karlie Kloss

She really has quite the body, doesn’t she? Whoever is in charge of Karlie’s career deserves a pat on the back. There is this push to make her a supermodel, much like Gisele, and she’s getting so close. We all know Karlie has what it takes, but will she be the next household name? I’m thinking yes.

What makes me laugh about all of this is everyone being stunned by her new sexy image. Yeah, I still think she’s 15 and seeing Karlie’s areolas is just…well, you know, you feel like bathing and pouring rubbing alcohol on your eyes. Turns out all of those seasons as the face of Dior added up and she’s 19 now, so I think fembot Karlie is here to slay. Bitches better stay clear on the runway.

Title: Body by Kloss
Magazine: Vogue Italia December 2011
Model: Karlie Kloss
Photographer: Stephen Meisel
Stylist: Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele



Behind the Scenes: Karlie for Vogue Italia

My baby is growing up. I’ve been weeping at how much Karlie Kloss has been slaying recently. Although her career has been huge since she debuted, now she’s becoming a household name thanks to Victoria’s Secret. Girl will be cashing those checks for years to come with that killer body of hers. 19 brought a whole new career for Karlie.

Vogue Italia: Jessica Stam

It’s feels damn wonderful to have Stam back in Vogue Italia. She covers the beauty supplement of December’s Vogue Italia issue and I wish to see more from her once more. I love her still as much as I did in high school. Those Prada glasses give me wet dreams all over again. Here’s a preview of what’s to come:

Model: Jessica Stam
Photos: Craig McDean
Fashion Editor: Tabitha Simmons


Vogue Italia – Like A Movie

Using one of my favorite films as inspiration, Vogue Italia does Givenchy, Chanel and Dior Haute Couture justice with a What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?-themed editorial with Elisa Sednaoui, photographed by Miles Aldridge. While Bette Davis’s film portrayal was infinitely more maniacal and reminisced on former fame and guilt, the intricate Haute Couture pieces seem fitting and in place. Everything is perfect from the usage and focus on the doll, the phone, and other props to make this editorial humorous and well-played. I love this.

Title: Like A Movie
Magazine: Vogue Italia
Model: Elisa Sednaoui
Photographer: Miles Aldridge


Vogue Italia Controversy

I found this cover on August 2nd and the editorial shortly after it. Since then views on my post have been steady until last night I guess when media giants started to catch wind of the Steven Meisel cover shoot of Kristen McMenamy. Fast forward when I was soaking in the sun when I noticed my entry has gained almost 400 hits today alone and now it’s pushing 600. What’s the big deal?

BP has been making headlines and are now synonymous with environmental disaster. While it wasn’t their first, the past few months haven’t exactly been kind to the Gulf of Mexico, both environmentally and economically. The question at hand with this editorial is how tasteful the images are. The general media craves on this sort of thing and love to call things like this tasteless and crass. Possibly too soon, but you cannot avoid that the fact the images are powerful. The point of fashion editorials, especially what we see in photoshoots in Vogue Italia, present artistic views. Some would say that possibly they’re glamorizing this horrendous event for the sake of fashion, but I hardly get that. Think about all of those lovely garments that were ruined. Point made? They’re sending out a powerful message through this artistic viewpoint and alas, I wouldn’t get too worked up about it. It is but only a fashion magazine.

So what’s your viewpoint. Tacky? Tasteless? Powerful message? You decide.