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Vogue Paris: Natasha Poly/Jamie Dornan (NSFW)

Terry Richardson shoots Natasha Poly in the September Issue of Vogue Paris as a sharply styled and divine drill instructor, commanding the beautiful Jamie Dornan in her perfectly structured Balmain and Celine. The shoot has a sexy and slightly romantic ending when Natasha submits to Jamie. Who wouldn’t, though? Many people complain about Richardson’s style, but I feel his shoots are refreshing to the same-old editorials we constantly see. So what if there’s unnecessary nudity? Who doesn’t like a boob or two?!


Karlie Kloss: Oscar de la Renta Fall 2010

The classiest 18-year-old you’ll ever see. What I really hope is that she just stays clear of Terry Richardson now that the girl is of age. I’ll admit that I have a guilty pleasure for Terry; you love what’s bad for you right? I mean, that’s why I can indulge in McNuggets guilt-free and 12 and 47-year-old women – that undoubtedly spend their times scrapbooking and talking to their cats – look to Justin Bieber as some sexual, talented god of music, am I right? That’s some Kool-Aid I don’t want to drink from, but back to Terry. I just never want her to lose her innocence and to always remain the HBIC. So note: stay away from her, Terry, but feel free to hit me up.

Model: Karlie Kloss
Photographer: Craig McDean


Sisley Fall/Winter 2010/11

I came across this campaign and I couldn’t understand why Amy Winehouse’s younger sister was doing as a model. In fact, it turns out no such sister exists and all of these photos finally made sense. Terry Richardson shot the campaign. Oh, Terry. How you’re so creepy AND have such a nice and pretty endowment is something that is truly mind-boggling. Despite the rumors, I feel it would actually be fun to shoot with you. Possible subjecting into strange situations, dress-up, shirtless and full of silly, sexual charge sounds like a hoot to me. Never change, Terry. Never change.

Campaign: Sisley
Season: Fall/Winter 2010/2011
Models: Ashley Smith, Tyler Riggs, Ryan Kennedy
Photographer: Terry Richardson


I Die – Rachel, Brad (shirtless), and Creepy Terry

Terry Richardson photographs his subjects in a certain way, generally sexy, sometimes you feel you need to take a shower because it’s so dirty, but the point is that he may be a little creepy. I’m overlooking that here. These photos are ba-na-nas, literally ba-na-nas. Like, I die. If you know me, the secret that I love The Rachel Zoe Project is out and open. It’s also obvious that I have an unhealthy obsession with Brad. There’s a fantasy I have that before we make love, we take off our over-sized, hipster-esque glasses, and we rip off one another’s finest designer suits, mine of course being Tom Ford or Burberry. Now I know what Mr. Bradley Goreski looks like without his shirt. Just the way I like and imagined. Fap, fap, fap…While I do have a fantasy of working for Rachel, muscle-y and hairy Brad is making it a bit hot in here.


10 Magazine, 10th Anniversary, 10 Covers

10 Magazine is celebrating its 10th anniversary with 10 separate covers of 10 designers they call “Gods and Goddesses.” Well, duh. Each designer was photographed by a photographer of their choice:

Domenico Dolce/Stefano Gabbana: Terry Richardson

Helmut Lang: Passport Photo

Vivienne Westwood: Jeurgen Teller

Ralph Lauren: Bruce Weber

Karl Lagerfeld: Karl Lagerfeld

…and the rest of the designers include Alber Elbaz, Azzedine Alaia, Donatella Versace, John Galliano and Tom Ford.

I love D&G’s photo. They’re so damn adorable together, not to mention Stefano is kind of sexy. Vivienne’s is just awesome with her contrasting skin, what she’s wearing, and the background painting. It’s like the contrast is meant for each other. I also love Tom Ford’s fore I plan marry him one day. What a sexy man he is.

“These are some of the faces that have made our industry and it is an honour to be celebrating them. 10 magazine has a history of celebrating the best creative talent in the world and we are honoured that these icons of fashion agreed to be our cover stars,” said Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou, the magazine’s founder and editor-in-chief (who is also creative director and fashion director at Harper’s Bazaar UK).


Jersey Guidos + Bar Rafaeli = Travesty

Why I’m even posting this is beyond me, seriously. I think it’s how much I despise the fashions that these guidos and guidettes wear about. Tans, obscene amounts of gel and pouf, extreme fake tans that is deeper than any skanky sorority girl, and well, tacky Ed Hardy and Christian Audigier-inspired clothing that makes me want to wash my eyes with alcohol every time I gaze upon such trashy-wear. I should give them the benefit of the doubt that they don’t change and definitely are rocking their definition, but I just can’t help puking in my mouth.

Anyway, back to the photos. Bar Rafaeli joins the guidos and creates a sweaty good ol’ time from Terry Richardson for Interview Magazine that I could do without. I never really liked her that much, though. I mean, she’s pretty and gorgeous, but she never really got out of that lingerie and swimsuit modeling. I’ve just lost interest.

I do like their loafers and I do like her swimsuits. That’s a plus, right? Oh well, maybe I’m too hard on them and I need to find a way to cherish these gems. Somehow. Anyway, I know that Jersey Shore lovers will find this pleasing, so gaze away guidos and guidettes.