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Alejandro, Just Let Me Go

I’ve been letting this video set in. Before I begin, let’s get our facts straight. I love and adore Lady Gaga. I really do. I’ve seen her live and eagerly await every music video that will surely be double or triple the time of the actual song with crazy visuals that come along with it. Now, let’s go and settle down Gaga stans. It’s just observation and besides work, this is what I do with my life.

So Steven Klein directed the video and everyone that this would be amazing. He does exceptional fashion photography and even collaborates with Madonna quite often. Good, right?! Well, a photo leaked and fashion lovers and followers took note that this resembled an editorial Steven Klein previously shot for W with Lara Stone. Funny, because Lara was a rumor to be in the video. Anyway, maybe he was just referencing. No one knew. Then the teaser trailers came out and it not only resembled that same shoot but resembled Madonna’s “Vogue” more than anything. Moving on. The video came out and not only are those resemblances still there, there is another editorial of his work with Lara Stone seeming to be referenced and Madonna’s “Like a Prayer”. Lady Gaga even seems be wearing a gun bra that is fairly reminiscent of Gaultier’s creations for the ‘Queen’.

Now, did I like the video? Yeah, it was decent. Could have been shorter. I just feel that Steven was lazy with his work. I understand the Madonna homages, I mean, although I feel she shouldn’t be compared to Madonna, but her career is parallel to hers regardless. It’s a great homage at that and even taking previous thoughts to a new level and making them more thought provoking. Congratulations Lady Gaga, although I hear and read the video was rushed? I would have loved to see what would have been the end-product had that not been the case. What was I saying? I get the Madge homage but references to his previous work? Who pays homage to themselves and gets inspired by their own work in someone’s music video? Laziness.

Can I also make point that the fashion wasn’t even that great. I know Lady Gaga is mostly all costumes, but I expected higher fashion from a fashion photographer collaborating with Lady Gaga. I know there was plenty of Armani and McQueen, Philip Treacy works, and even a pair of Louboutins, I just expected more. Military theme could have been elaborated with Balmain or something, but I think the nun’s attire was pretty on point. I continue to nitpick, but I still enjoyed what I saw.

I’ll take my resemblances with me and carry on hoping that Lady Gaga will just make videos of every single, even though she’ll be on the road for the next FOREVER and we’ll be lucky if we get another before the next album. Cough, “Dance In the Dark”, cough, cough.


Gaga Like Stone

I’ve been busy and didn’t get around to this yet, but it’s still open to discuss. Well, we all know “Alejandro” will be the next visual masterpiece by our Lady of Gaga and well, is Steven Klein referencing his own work or reliving it through Lady Gaga’s music? While it was long ago rumored that Lara Stone would be in the music video, we still haven’t the faintest of clues, why would Steven take a photoshoot of his featuring Lara and redo it? As every other site has concluded online, we wouldn’t have supposed Lady Gaga would be the one being original seeing that is what she touts. Hm, maybe referencing, like the whole “Telephone” and Quentin Tarantino thing, is her new way of expression. The things that confuse us in life. I can’t wait for full puzzle.


Vogue Paris – Haute Couture McQueen Tribute

I love Vogue Paris! If someone could get me a subscription to look at Carine Roitfeld’s genius, that would be greatly appreciated. In the May issue, Carine styles, Steven Klein shoots, and Lily Donaldson models in an Haute Couture tribute to the late, great Alexander McQueen. Dressed in Margiela, Dior Haute Couture, Lily is this powerful woman in Erotica that gives visual reminders to a phase in Madonna’s career mixed with a tablespoon of Grace Jones and a 1/4 cup of Annie Lennox. Bitch clearly werk’s it and is flawless nonetheless. Haute couture is the highest form of fashion, has the most craftsmanship, and is the most beautiful. It’s just what I needed to see.


Steven Klein Lara Stone

These were actually in Vogue Paris last year, but I somehow skipped over this amazing editorial and have never seen it. The photos include model of the moment, Lara Stone, and is gritty and disturbing. ‘Lara, Fiction Noire’ is the title to this gruesome shoot. Steven Klein is genius and if many of you don’t know him from the fashion world, you might reference him to Madonna and Lady Gaga. The shoot with the addition of the video is thought provoking. Lara makes this gold. Enjoy, kittens.

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