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The issue has already hit newsstands, but I couldn’t pass this double cover up of my queen, Kate. Sadly, I don’t know which cover I need; possibly both. Virginal Sister Kate or the seductress with a deep red lip, black leather and lace? Decisions decisions.

W March 2012
Model: Kate Moss
Photographer: Steven Klein


Interview: Riccardo Tisci, Guinevere, Saskia

I live for Givenchy and the handsome Riccardo Tisci. Steven Klein sets this up for an obvious shoot displaying Fall’s Givenchy in a rather moody and typical Klein setting. While I’m not the one slung over Tisci’s shoulders, everyone does have a dream. With all of my recent posts, this is turning into my hidden desires displayed to the world, so quickly I’ll point out there is a landing strip in the editorial below. I’m sure someone will enjoy that precise hair maintenance.

Inside the magazine, Riccardo is interviewed by Donatella Versace. Get at it.

Riccardo Tisci
Photo: Steven Klein
Stylist: Ludivine Poiblanc
Models: Guinevere Van Seenus & Saskia De Brauw


Les pechés

Round two for Lara in Vogue Paris’s 90th Anniversary issue. Lara and Steven Klein teaming up always seems to have this sexual, tragic context to their editorials. It bothered me for some time how Steven is always so referential with his previous works lately, but here it works in a stunning portrayal of sins.

The story begins with the prideful Lara who looks down on her manservants, clad in perverse drag. Stone follows through with gluttony; her caviar-covered subject is the topic of her desires. While gazing and admiring herself in a mirror, the amount of greed shows no mercy when it comes to vanity. Her behaviors have led to unnecessary wheeling around, displaying her true slothfulness.  In the end, Lara spots the two together in lust and falls into despair from envy, resulting with her wrath from her golden gun.

“Les pechés”
Lara Stone
Ph Steven Klein
Réalisation Carine Roitfeld


Dangerous Liaisons

I’ve yet to thumb through my Vogue October issue, but I did get the chance to see this wonderful editorial. Jeremy Renner could have been replaced by anyone else, but other than his presence, the story is very chic, well-styled, and a refreshing take on an editorial in Vogue.

Title: Dangerous Liaisons
Magazine: Vogue US October 2010
Models: Lara Stone, Jeremy Renner
Photographer: Steven Klein
Stylist: Tonne Goodman


Dolce & Gabbana’s Sexy Menswear Campaign

I’ve never been to a tailor at this point in my life, but I would seriously appreciate Adam Senn, Noah Mills and Sam Webb, Arthur Kulkov and Evandro Soldati showing up in their underwear while this occasion took place. We would wrestle and I’m fairly certain some measuring of sorts would take place, but the events can honestly go any which way.

Steven Klein shoots another Dolce & Gabbana campaign, this one being true to the companies image. Now this is a campaign I can get after. I’m much more apt into adopting Fall’s velvet trend in a suit jacket, but I’d rather the trend to quickly brush by and not trickle past an H&M or Zara. Any lower and we’re treading in treacherous waters of the 80s and early 90s that no one should be doing the breaststroke in. No one.


D&G Fall 2010 Campaign

You couldn’t have done better, Mr. Klein? You have Madonna and you basically repeat last season’s sub-par campaign that I actually liked, and then you go ahead and make it so…BLEH. Needed a fresh start with a Fall campaign rather than just continue this story that makes her look quite matronly and less, well, Madonna. There were so many lace and floral pieces, leotards,  and amazingly tailored jackets that could have been chosen. I hope there are additions to this campaign that elaborate more and if not, better luck next time.

One more for “Alejandro”

Okay, I’m just hoping Gaga is celebrating Steven Klein’s work while collaborating with him. Here’s a photo from his editorial an Arena Homme in 2008. Hm, interesting. I’ll put it after the cut as it’s NSFW, but also, actually check out the editorial at the source. It’s really sexy and violent at the same time.

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