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Prada: SS 2014

There is always a statement to be made by Miuccia Prada. Sometimes socio-political references, sometimes an underlying metaphysical statement is to be had. Maybe many of us look into more than what is there, but Prada is a show that always has substance, no? Often times innately ugly, many times not beautifully perceived to the eye right away, there is a beauty to Miuccia’s designs that are genius. Various ideas are blended into Ms. Prada’s SS 2014 show.

Murals are at the forefront of focus. Possibly not so underlying, though, is Miuccia forcing her designs to represent a sort of feminine quality: I am woman, hear me roar.

 There are bras that have no functionality at all on the exterior of coats to bejewelled garments mixed with murals of women. Reference after reference, we would say that it is all very blatant and design of high-intelligence.

Last but not least, Grace Mahary walked. Referential design be damned, Grace is THE bad bitch on the runway.

Prada by Steven Meisel AW 11

I still think Kelly Mittendorf is jank. Can she just not get it, please. Of all that Prada has brought to us in the past; e.g. Sasha and Gemma, and this is what we get? I rather enjoy the campaign, I just wish the models were chosen a little more wiser. Remember, we just had Mariacarla, Zuzanna, and Kinga in a flirty and energetic campaign for an innately ugly collection that we’ve grown to love. Hm.

Vogue Australia: Alina Baikova

And a colour fiesta it is.

1) I rewatched the runway and those platform wedges are completely and utterly amazing.

2) I’m really curious to see one’s opinion on this Prada line who doesn’t necessary follow fashion. I know this wouldn’t be the first thing I’d show someone who doesn’t follow or get the idea of the industry.

3) I’m not completely familiar with Alina, but she’s someone I’m going to watch out for. Such stunning eyes and face.

Vogue Australia March 2011 Cover: Alina Baikova


Prada S/S 11

It’s interesting, this whole line from Prada. From first glance I feel like I should despise the pieces and find it altogether atrocious, but I really am too enamored by Miuccia’s genius. The entire campaign makes the line. When I saw the video, and I found it rather interesting and hilarious that others felt the same way, it all sort of clicked for me. The humor and provocation that Miuccia continually puts into her work is enormous. Many of these pieces are truly fabulous as separates and we have been seeing them pop up everywhere in editorials. The big editorial pieces this season are Prada, Gucci, and that Marc Jacobs travesty.

I sometimes wonder how Miuccia gets away with so much season after season. I’m not  saying that I want her to elaborate any further on this season, but it is all quite perplexing. In all but four weeks or so, we will see what new creations Prada can only come up with.

Campaign: Prada
Season: Spring/Summer 2011
Models: Mariacarla Boscono, Kinga Rajzak, Arizona Muse, Tati Cotliar, Zuzanna Bijoch
Photographer: Steven Meisel


Vogue Nippon: Karen Elson

Vogue Nippon continues on into February of 2011 with another wonderful, signature cover featuring the already iconic and striking Karen Elson. When I watched the Prada livestream, I had absolutely no doubt that it would be featured everywhere in an endless amounts of editorials and covers. Obviously, this isn’t changing from last season’s Prada and Miu Miu. Karen is adorned with Prada’s colorful furs and the one Prada dress that keeps popping up. Whether you appreciated Miuccia’s efforts and recognize her genius or repulsed by her designs, I think we’re in for a vivid Spring season full of Prada-wear.

Vogue Nippon February 2011 : Karen Elson


Miranda Kerr: Vogue Espana Preview

She takes two steps forward and three steps back. It’s just hit-or-miss with Miranda. Tom Munro photographs Miranda for Vogue España and all I see here is a mediocre cover for Elle. Let’s get something straight, she’s an absolutely beautiful and striking girl, but something about her personality is so saccharine and that it’s hard to overlook how adorable and vivacious her personality seems. I’ve been supporting Miranda ever since she’s been dipping into high fashion editorials and campaigns and believe she deserves every major gig she receives, but I need to see more than just an arched hip or back mixed with awkward poses. The black-and-whites are stunning and she seems quite lovely in the editorial favorite Miu Miu, but more vibrant photos reminisce a Victoria’s Secret catalog or GQ for that matter. Step up your game, girl.

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