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Naomi Campbell on Oprah

YES! Glamazon supermodel for over two decades will have her segment on Oprah air this Monday. If you have never left the house, you may not know who this woman is. She’s notorious for throwing phones at people like she’s at war and one of the most successful black models, and lately being questioned for accepting a ‘blood diamond‘ from Charles Taylor in 1997 while visiting Nelson Mandela’s house . You have to love bat-shit crazy! The thing that gets me is that not only did Oprah have her sign the “No Phone Zone,” a pledge that Oprah devised to not text and drive, but she had Naomi agree to sign a new pledge to not throw phones that Oprah would create after the show. Only on Oprah will we find this amount of crazy bitches. First Tom Cruise going absolutely ape-shit and now Oprah having Naomi sign a pledge to not throw phones. Where will we go next?