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Angela and Isabeli – Muse #22

Angela Lindvall and Isabeli also get their own covers on Muse and I love the results of both, especially Angela’s. While Isabeli does sexy beach shots, Angela’s editorial is full of flow-y fabric and spliced,¬†psychedelic¬†imagery. There is one photo that seems quite out of place and that one is Angela in leopard print. This particular shot not only doesn’t flow well with the rest of her photos, it also is similar of Masha’s work a couple months ago where she is almost in the same pose while wearing practically the same bodysuit. Check out the pretty ladies below!



Gisele in Muse #22

Gisele’s career is stronger than ever. The supermodel has had a child with Justin Bieber, um,¬†Tom Brady and has been a powerful force in the modeling world once again. She recently even made a return to runway this week, so I expect an influx of editorials, campaigns, and who knows what from this tall glass of legs.

This summer, Gisele can be found on one of three covers of two magazines, this one being Muse, issue #22. The ‘Earth Angel’ is looking very pretty and less about the sex, even referencing Brigitte Bardot, the Brazilian Brigitte at that. The whimsical and softer side of Gisele should be photographed more often. Such beauty, especially the shots of her in the grass and the contrast of the purple dress. Stunning. I really appreciate her editorial more than the other two based on the fact they didn’t go the stereotypical sweaty, sex, SEX, SEX route. I need more Gisele and fast.