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Prada: SS 2014

There is always a statement to be made by Miuccia Prada. Sometimes socio-political references, sometimes an underlying metaphysical statement is to be had. Maybe many of us look into more than what is there, but Prada is a show that always has substance, no? Often times innately ugly, many times not beautifully perceived to the eye right away, there is a beauty to Miuccia’s designs that are genius. Various ideas are blended into Ms. Prada’s SS 2014 show.

Murals are at the forefront of focus. Possibly not so underlying, though, is Miuccia forcing her designs to represent a sort of feminine quality: I am woman, hear me roar.

 There are bras that have no functionality at all on the exterior of coats to bejewelled garments mixed with murals of women. Reference after reference, we would say that it is all very blatant and design of high-intelligence.

Last but not least, Grace Mahary walked. Referential design be damned, Grace is THE bad bitch on the runway.

Miu Miu Fall/Winter Campaign

The casting is honestly perfect for Miu Miu’s latest campaign with Siri Tollerød, Ginta Lapina, Daphne Groeneveld and Lindsey Wixson, shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. That purple dress with the flowers and the over-sized lace is wonderful, and I still cherish the time when Carey Mulligan pulled it off, yet no one appreciated it because of it being the wrong event. Also, why am I getting vibes of Wixson just being some cherub face placed on an adult body? Or what I’ve read, a fetus trying to sell clothes. Whatever, perfect for Miu Miu’s provocative, sexy, and smart aesthetics.

I really love that this is an essential throwback and re-thinking to the 60s that focuses on the quirky and fun and the point where fashion as a whole began to shift, whether that is what Miuccia was aiming for or not, it is how I interpret her genius. I imagine this whole line on the likes of Twiggy to Audrey Hepburn’s wardrobe in 1966’s How to Steal a Million, similar to her Givenchy wardrobe. I love it through and through.


Prada Fall/Winter Campaign

Miranda Kerr made it in the campaign. While the Aussie ‘Angel’ doesn’t appear in the fairly boring menswear campaign, she graces Prada’s womenswear as a supporting cast member to Angela Lindvall. While those awesome stockings appear, my one problem is I need more of those crazy cat lady glasses instead of the eyewear featured here, because without them, my life is incomplete. Absolutely incomplete. I love the cool 60s nightclub vibe with Lindvall on the mic. I wish Steven Meisel could have elaborated a bit more, added a little creativity, but I’ll take what I can get, because I loved the grandma-chic that Miuccia put out on the runways. How else will my friend Emma know how to dress in her future identity as the ‘Cat Lady’ that takes videos of them and makes them dance? These are the things we need to know in life.


Eva Mendes: W

Normally I wouldn’t really care about Eva Mendes. She’s really a beauty, but besides that she doesn’t really have an impressive acting career. My reasoning was that she is wearing Miu Miu in the next edition of W and I’m glad it’s already getting recognized in editorials and gives me a reminder to subscribe after I really see what Stefano Tonchi really can do. I love Miu Miu and that’s no secret. The provocative humor about the whole line is fabulous and so smart, thanks to the iconic Miuccia Prada herself. There’s so much to adore about that dress: the flowers, the over-sized bow, the low-cut bodice. Really other than that, check out the sexy Eva strut her stuff across this editorial.


My, How Old You Look, Gaga…

Don’t you dare drag the genius that is Miuccia into this, Gaga. I’ve been awaiting photo evidence of your suit and while this may be the only one and hardly gives a glimpse, you really should have checked your head in the mirror. The wig is beyond tacky, I’d have enjoyed the normal curls that you have been wearing recently, but that isn’t even the worst. Your makeup completely washes you out and adds about 40 years to your supposed young age. Don’t tell me this is your “Alejandro” faze. I don’t like it. If Madonna looks more youthful than this, you better check yourself at the door, honey b.


Miu Miu Collars

Damn you, Tavi! Every time I see this eccentric little girl’s blog I fall in love with her designer duds. The latest obsession of mine are those Miu Miu collars. Miuccia Prada is genius, and even I want to be a Miu Miu lolita terribly so. I love the collars, especially the ones Natasha Poly and Lindsey Wixson sported on the Spring 2010 runways back in the fall. I love the nude ladies, the sparrows, and even the cats. Yes, some of you may think they’re silly, but if you just appreciate them for what they are, you too could fall deeply in love with these gems.


Miu Miu Fall 2010

Miuccia Prada is a fashion lover’s dream. I encourage you all to look through the photos of all of her creations from this line and from those of the past and you will be highly pleased in what you find. She is at the top of trend-setting and inovation with Miu Miu and Prada.

Miu Miu brings the sexy and sweet sixties into full swing. The sixties are all over the runways and I couldn’t be happier. The eighties and nineties are overdone and worked that it’s time for something new to reminisce about and bring better innovation to the table. I love the short dresses, the deep U-fronts, the wavy hems, and the perfect color palette. Miuccia, can we be friends, please?

From the naked women on the shirts from last season to the dead-on fashions from the sixties fashion revolution, Miu Miu always has its humorous and provocative quirks that I adore.

There’s something about this fabric that is very interesting and yet so perfect about its choice and use.  Very well done, Miuccia.

The shoes are so detailed they’re and so on point. They have a square to and have floral embellishments along with ties that match the silly over-sized ones her models wear as well. I also appreciate the make-up that matches these color schemes. Très bien.