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The Met Ball: Angela, Karlie, Raquel, Lily, and Jessica

Angela Lindvall  in Andrew Gn Pre Fall 2011 and Karlie Kloss  in Christian Dior were captured together at the Met Ball. While Lindvall looks forever youthful, we have to hand it to Kloss for bringing out her beauty and maturity. The cropped hair is also fresh.

Supermodel, Raquel Zimmermann, was ravishing in black, feathered Alexander McQueen with a McQueen clutch to match. If everyone stuck to the theme like Raquel, the night would have been that much more exciting and interesting.

Lily Donaldson wore a blue lace Erdem Spring 2011 dress and looked super chic. Many were worried about the gown, but she looked sexy with a touch of delicate beauty.

Last but not least on my model watch, Jessica Stam. I was surprised to see Jessica so prim and sweet in a dressed made for her by Tommy Hilfiger. She paired the saccharine tulle with a Chopard 50-carot diamond necklace. I found this unexpected for her, since she usually adorns herself in this street fashion, rock girl and it was definitely a lovely surprise.

*Doutzen, Natalia, and Gisele looked fabulous too, but everybody knows that already.


The Met Ball: Lara Stone

Not surprising at all, but the models looked infinitely better than many of the actresses that showed up to last night’s event and the randoms that you question how they got invited or if they just somehow broke security (I’m looking at you Ciara. Some muse you are to Tisci. I just wanted to yell out, “she doesn’t even go here!”).

First model in point, my favorite, Lara Stone. Is someone setting up a really great joke by placing Lauren Hutton next to Lara? Gap-toothed beauties working it on the red carpet. Speaking of which, her gap does look incrementally smaller. If rumors are true, I hope she doesn’t close the gap all of the way. Now, back on topic. We all know Lara has an exclusive with Calvin Klein, so naturally she’s going to show up in Costa’s minimalistic efforts. She looks beyond sexy, but they couldn’t have chosen something a little more for the event or even allowed her to show up in McQueen?

Coco Rocha also gifted the world through a Tweet of Lara Stone, Dree Hemingway, and an Olsen in the ladies room. Silly ladies.


The Met Ball: Givenchy

While the night was devoted to the late, great McQueen, two lovely ladies caught my eye in Riccardo Tisci’s creations for Givenchy. I may be slightly biased and Givenchy Haute Couture can easily win any best dressed in my eyes, but I am shrieking at these stunning beauties. First up: Liv Tyler. Liv is wearing Spring 2011 haute couture and it is fabulous.  Just to simply see the gown was exciting for me.

What truly had me on the floor was Mariacarla Boscono in Fall 2010 haute couture. It was my favorite gown when Natasha Poly wore it for the presentation and it is my favorite gown still when Mariacarla killed it on the red carpet here. The skeletal-ornamentation of crystals and marabou feathers still stun me.

Simply work.


Natasha Poly Looking Fab

I must have missed model Natasha Poly in the photos from the Met Gala. Absolutely fab, darling! I love the gold Michael Kors. I love the way it drapes and flows on her body. Such class and glamor. I mean, it probably wouldn’t accentuate anything  so positiviely on mere mortal women, but she does look absolutely stunning and sultry either way. Those sexy Russians.

And to keep up tonight’s theme of Glee, Will Shuester is a slut.  While I really have no idea what’s going on in the photo and I’m not so sure I really want to know, I’d like to see how these two were paired together at all at any time within the night. Who knew he was even there. Go ahead, see for yourself, Gleeks. Should be the last thumbnailed picture.


My Favorites: The Costume Institute’s American Woman Gala

The Costume Institute’s annual gala at the Met is known for over the top fashion that tops any other fashion event. Models, the fashion industry, designers, and celebrities alike show up wearing the best gowns and get-ups, generally in theme of the event. Last year we had The Model as Muse and it was fantastic from Madonna’s Louis Vuitton bunny ears to co-chair Kate Moss in a fabulous Marc Jacobs complete with turban. Rachel Zoe couldn’t say it any better: I die.

This year, the gala underwhelmed and brought in a lot of whorish makeup and wackadoo getups. The “(insert designer) for Gap” was absolutely ridiculous and I was expecting more on that red carpet. Some of the favorites such as the Olsen’s, Kate Moss, and a certain Lady Gaga (we’ll get to the performance outfite later), who performed at the gala, were M.I.A.

I had to search around and finally settled on pictures from Style.com. I wanted to see what my models were sporting and they actually looked better than most celebrities, go figure. My choices are obvious and some a bit unconventional maybe. I didn’t just choose based on a pretty dress, but by not being safe, confidence, personality and much more. Well, here’s to my favorites in no particular order:

Karlie Kloss – Donna Karan

How lovely does little Karlie look? She is wearing this purple Donna Karan and completely owning it. I love her and want her on the red carpet more often. What a cute, pretty girl.

Chloë Sevigny – Proenza Schouler

Okay, this might seem for an odd choice, but I really love her Proenza. It’s completely Chloë in every way. While she could have given more at this event, I love this choice and the colors. Ah! way to go, Chloë!

Anne Hathaway – Valentino

I’m trying to figure out why her hair is as such. Last year she had a whore-ish, voluminous look and now it seems she is trying to counteract that. I suppose I can get over it because she went all fairy princess and looks sexy as well. This is the sort of thing Taylor Swift would have worn, but alas it would have been just as predictable on her as what she wore at the event. Boring, T-Swift, boring. Here, I think Anne almost gets best dressed of the night. So lovely.

Chanel Iman – Michael Kors

Now I might be crazy, but at least this is how you would do a jumpsuit, if one ever had to wear one, which I hope one would not. She actually looks completely fabulous and rocks it, so what do I care? Hey Tina, this is how you do it.

Anna Wintour/daughter Bee Shaffer – Chanel Haute Couture/Balenciaga

I chose to put them together because I feel they look best together. Anna is always divine while her daughter is sexy in Balenciaga. Love.

Tom Ford – Tom Ford

Who else looks better in a suit than Tom Ford?! He is so damn sexy I would consider taking a bite to taste this man. The real thing at question here is: Who looks good in a pink suit jacket? I think we have our answer ladies and gentlemen.

Jessica Stam – Rachel Roy

I just really liked this and maybe it’s because I adore Stam. What can I say? Girlfriend looks sexy.

Kate Bossworth – Valentino Haute Couture

This is a very interesting gown and I love her choices throughout the years. I love that she’s never exactly safe and takes those risks. Now only if we could find an acting career somewhere here…

Coco Rocha – Zac Posen

This dress is definitely over the top. I hated the swabs of fabric training behind her, but I saw multiple views and she knew how to carry that thing indeed.

Lily Donaldson – Marc Jacobs

One word: Sex.

Sarah Jessica Parker – Halston Heritage

Take away the Carrie head blossom and we have a winner. Ding-ding-ding!

Naomi Watts – Stella McCartney

How awesome is this. I don’t even know why I adore this. She’s looks gorgeous in this color and I’m glad she chose something interesting and fun.

Jennifer Lopez – Zuhair Murad

Can’t say she never takes risks. While she’s not my favorite, she definitely hit it on point last night.

Oprah Winfrey – Oscar de la Renta

I initially thought of this as a big, poufy mess. I got over it and noticed she werked this number and I’m glad she didn’t go her normal route of gowns. Get it, girl!