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An old tired concept strikes oil. Majorly. The inclusion of Daria is a little odd and the placement of maybe Claudia or Cindy may have been a better choice, but these images are striking. None of them look a day older than their photoshopped age.

Open the magazine up and the images get better. I’m always for any ode to the ‘super’, so count me in for the Linda, Kate, Naomi, and the Christy covers. It isn’t nostalgic if they’re careers are still on fire.

Interview September 2013
Models: Naomi, Kate, Daria, Amber, Linda, Christy , Stephanie
Photographer: Mert & Marcus


The September Issue: Lady Gaga

So here it is in all of the 916 pages of glory. A new phone book for another decade of fashion. At first look I will admit that I loved this. Don’t ask me why, these are things I cannot explain. At second glance, well, I find it rather off-putting to say the least. It’s not so much Lady Gaga herself, but rather that the clashing color choices are just so…and the red ribbon…the magenta…I don’t know. I’m also going to put it out there that they could have chosen something a little better. Sure, Marc Jacobs is an acceptable choice for a milestone (120 years of Vogue), but I feel something would have been a better choice. Prada put out these wonderfully printed suits that would have been fabulous. You know what would also have been fabulous for the anniversary? A model. A newly formed supermodel-in-training. Karlie Kloss. Maybe a little less Rupaul, no? Dreams, right?

Vogue September 2012
Musician: Lady Gaga
Photographer: Mert & Marcus
Stylist: Grace Coddington

Vogue Japan April 2012: Kate Moss

Kate Moss

This cover leaked and it’s generating a small buzz right now. The photographer(s) as Mert and Marcus is not officially confirmed, but that isn’t even what is at question. Why is she glowing like the sun and why does it look like this was snapped backstage at the Spring 2012 Louis Vuitton show? I understand it is Spring and it may very well be Big Bird’s favorite season, I don’t know, but why so…yellow? Perhaps she is taking a stand against jaundice.

Vogue Japan April 2012
Model: Kate Moss
Photographers: Mert & Marcus


It’s been a long time since you came around…

Sasha in Atelier Versace

It has certainly been a while since I have written here. I have been fairly busy and will be getting back to the swing of things soon, catching up on fashion month and the likes. During my absence, I have failed to even notice I am hitting 170,000 views, so there is that to clap about. I am slowly snatching weaves.

Magazine: Vogue Paris October 2011
Models: Sasha Pivovarova
Photographer: Mert & Marcus


Love #6 F/W 11.12

Tears for Fall and some stunning models and young actresses are shown on the numerous covers of the latest edition of Katie Grand’s LOVE. How stunning is the darkness and emotion that Mariacarla is displaying? How about Lara’s vulnerability? Daphne and Kristen absolutely work it on their covers as well. Speaking of Kristen, I kid you not, I read a comparison of her hair as “iron curtains.” She will now be known as Kristen “Iron Curtains” McMenamy. Deal with it.

Love #6 Fall/Winter 11.12
Models/Actresses: Kristen McMenamy, Mariacarla Boscono, Lara Stone, Nyasha, Daphne G, Chloë Moretz, Hailee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning
Ph: Mert & Marcus


Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter 11.12: Sasha P

This is the first look of Sasha’s Fall/Winter campaign and it’s absolutely stunning. Many are saying it’s reminiscent of her 2009 campaign, and I will have to agree, but that does not make it any less magnificent. Work it, honey. Sasha’s looking simply heavenly wrapped up in that mauve fur. Can’t wait for more images.

Giorgio Armani Fall/Winter 11.12
Model: Sasha Pivovarova
Ph: Mert & Marcus