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Vogue Turkey: Retro Bodrum

The perfect styling and color palette to a 70s-inspired pre-fall wonderland in Vogue Turkey. Adorned in Prada, Chanel, Versace, and more, Masha and Ashley Smith frolic in an array of bright patterns. The accessorized Hermes scarf with the leopard print jacket is endlessly chic, while Givenchy’s feathers, well, need I say anything more?

Title: Retro Bodrum
Magazine: Vogue Türkiye July 2010
Models: Ashley Smith, Masha Novoselova
Photographer: Ahmet Polat



Angela and Isabeli – Muse #22

Angela Lindvall and Isabeli also get their own covers on Muse and I love the results of both, especially Angela’s. While Isabeli does sexy beach shots, Angela’s editorial is full of flow-y fabric and spliced, psychedelic imagery. There is one photo that seems quite out of place and that one is Angela in leopard print. This particular shot not only doesn’t flow well with the rest of her photos, it also is similar of Masha’s work a couple months ago where she is almost in the same pose while wearing practically the same bodysuit. Check out the pretty ladies below!


Masha in V Cont…NSFW

Hot damn! I’m glad I saw these. I couldn’t help but put these up. I love it. McQueen overload, but that black number, outrageously beautiful and fierce all in one. I want to put it on the fiercest of my friends and they love it and wear it to please me! Masha, you scored points. I look for a model with interesting eyes, no, not Tyra’s smiley eyes, but eyes that pierce and show other emotions. That and she’s just fantastic. NSFW BOOBIES in the slideshow, but hey, boobies are fun.

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V Magazine Spain Goes Wild

I love me some V Magazine whenever I can get my hands on it, and I’m sure Spain’s version is that much better. Here’s a couple pics from Masha’s editorial from April’s edition. I love the interesting way she poses, the intensity of her eyes, the McQueen shoes…wait, that pose seems a tad bit familiar.

I prefer Masha’s better, the McQueen shoes trump the awesome ballet stilettos, although both are pretty fierce and wild. If only one day I could own a pair. That leopard bodysuit looks like the one Gaga wears in “Telephone.” Oh, the references.