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Marie Claire: Mary-Kate Olsen

Everyone says how they adore the Olsen twins’ style and I must say, I truly do. Sometimes their style is on the hobo-chic side, but I feel their height gets in the way of appearing absolutely fabulous. After the stage in which the two looked slightly like alien twins, we moved one and got over that. They’ve made themselves completely successful, more so than they were when they were dancing, singing, and living in a house full crazies and family values. The Row is doing well and they’re really achieving high grandeur in the fashion world.

Like pretty much every September issue, I’ll probably end up purchasing based on the cover. You can never go wrong with a sequin. Mary-Kate here is terribly marvelous donning the likes of the red lace Givenchy, Burberry Prorsum, Alexander McQueen galore,  and that femine, pink tulle Dior paired with the luscious Marc Jacobs fur. Rachel Zoe would like, die.