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Vogue Russia: Lara Stone


I don’t even know what this horrifying mess of a cover is, but we’re moving on to what’s inside. Following the Calvin Klein┬áminimalism, Lara is posed in Francisco’s efforts and even with him, quite simple and striking. I wonder where this leaves her with her contract. Maybe beauty isn’t an exclusive. Anyway, I could use a pop of color. Next…

Before I forget, don’t worry about my lacking in posts. I’m taking summer classes, trying to finish up here at Purdue and also am just a college student with a drinking probable drinking problem that is laying on my couch after devouring last night’s Taco Bell I never ate. So, to problem shmoblems and this exciting, undoubtedly bleak life, here we go!

Vogue Russia: July 2011
Photo: Mark Seliger
Model: Lara Stone