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Marie Claire: Emma Watson

This cover is so much better than Vogue UK’s December cover. The pose is sort of awkward, but I can look over that based on the pretty and feminine feathers. I could live with different, higher fashion styling, but I love the liveliness and energy of the entire shoot. Her hair is exceedingly adorable on her. Hermione has transitioned into the classy lady.


Marie Claire: Mary-Kate Olsen

Everyone says how they adore the Olsen twins’ style and I must say, I truly do. Sometimes their style is on the hobo-chic side, but I feel their height gets in the way of appearing absolutely fabulous. After the stage in which the two looked slightly like alien twins, we moved one and got over that. They’ve made themselves completely successful, more so than they were when they were dancing, singing, and living in a house full crazies and family values. The Row is doing well and they’re really achieving high grandeur in the fashion world.

Like pretty much every September issue, I’ll probably end up purchasing based on the cover. You can never go wrong with a sequin. Mary-Kate here is terribly marvelous donning the likes of the red lace Givenchy, Burberry Prorsum, Alexander McQueen galore,  and that femine, pink tulle Dior paired with the luscious Marc Jacobs fur. Rachel Zoe would like, die.


August Covers Around the World

Freja, Lagerfeld’s darling, is turning out to be a driving force with her third major Vogue cover this year. If only she could get the US edition.

W Korea August 2010 : Freja Beha Erichsen

Vogue Germany August 2010 : Abbey Lee Kershaw

Vogue Korea August 2010 : Natalia Vodianova by Paolo Roversi

Vogue Paris August 2010 : Freja Beha Erichsen by David Sims

Vogue Portugal August 2010 : Daniela Ruah

British Vogue August 2010 : Freja Beha Erichsen by Josh Olins

Guapo Magazine Summer 2010 : Matthew Coatsworth, Ryan Koning, Arthur Sales, Brandon Clement and Justin Hopwood by Joe Lally

Vogue China August 2010 : Karlie Kloss by Peter Lindbergh

More details at the sources


Jessica Simpson – Marie Claire

So Jessica Simpson is still trying to do something with the “career” she has left. She has a TV show that isn’t doing too well, but hey, she’s trying. Gone are the days she was with Mr. Lachey, but maybe they should rekindle to fix both of their careers. They can star in the Newlyweds: Part Two. We’re Getting Back Together to Try to Get Back Our Careers and This Time We’re Figuring Out If It Is Chicken or Fish: In 3-D or something like that. I mean seriously, after Romo-Gate and all of the fans hated on her, there’s no going back easily.

Where was I? Oh yeah, she’s on May’s Marie Claire without makeup, retouching, or even regrets. Well, she obviously doesn’t regret the eyeliner she is wearing on the cover and maybe a dab here and there of makeup or she wouldn’t have done it now would she. Lies. Anyway, bitch is still flawless here and I prefer these over ANY and ALL editorials she has ever done. I mean, I remember when she landed Harpers Bazaar…I’ve been trying to forget that shiteous cover. Ucky.

What I’m trying to say is, find your talent girl. Find your freedom in the music, find your Jesus, find your Kubrik, so on and so forth. Your vocal ability has diminished and let’s not even mention that “acting” thing you tried a few times. I don’t know where else this leaves you besides on the reality circuit, but then you’re not doing well there anymore. Just give up and just be Ken Paves friend for a living. He has nothing better going for him either.