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Love #6 F/W 11.12

Tears for Fall and some stunning models and young actresses are shown on the numerous covers of the latest edition of Katie Grand’s LOVE. How stunning is the darkness and emotion that Mariacarla is displaying? How about Lara’s vulnerability? Daphne and Kristen absolutely work it on their covers as well. Speaking of Kristen, I kid you not, I read a comparison of her hair as “iron curtains.” She will now be known as Kristen “Iron Curtains” McMenamy. Deal with it.

Love #6 Fall/Winter 11.12
Models/Actresses: Kristen McMenamy, Mariacarla Boscono, Lara Stone, Nyasha, Daphne G, Chloë Moretz, Hailee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning
Ph: Mert & Marcus


LOVE: Kate, Lea, Natalia

We presented the covers last week and now we have the editorial. Mert & Marcus shot this exceptionally intense and sexual-charged editorial in black and white, and leaves the viewer, at least for me, with a lasting impression to this stunning photography. Many had their opinions on the magazine cover and this editorial. Some believed there was a ploy to gain more sales and some naturally thought the covers were great. While I will agree that the Justin Bieber cover  was a great way to possibly gain sales if his fanatics spotted the magazine, but I feel this subject isn’t that rare in fashion photography, therefore I really do believe the photos speak for themselves.

Natalia seems to be third wheel here. I was pleasantly surprised to find her included; her imagery just as stunning as the rest. Kate once again shows modeling as a skill, and a  tom-boy, masculine display here paired along with her nudity is naturally pulchritudinous in this grungy presentation. They don’t seem to be airbrushed to the brim, and I find that allure to be desirable. And for Lea, she is such a “newly discovered” strong force in this industry.

“His ‘n’ Hers”
Ph: Mert & Marcus
Models: Lea T, Kate Moss, & Natalia Vodianova
Styling: Katie Grand


LOVE #5 S/S 2011

You’ve all seen the cover of LOVE featuring Kate and Lea T embraced in a kiss, but the individual covers are even better. Lea’s particularly is powerful and Kate’s seems vulnerable with a slight more edge than she’s use to giving. Then there is a third cover. The third cover features Justin Bieber. This is reminding me when Lady Gaga was the third wheel of Kate and Naomi on September’s i-D. Justin being on this cover really confuses me to know extent. This kid, this kid…I can’t even collect my thoughts. What preteen follower of this bubblegum pop sensation will be able to find this magazine and pay the $16+ for the magazine, let alone understand the content inside that doesn’t deal with him, but maybe that is LOVE‘s plot all along. These little girls will fight for anything with Bieber’s name and face, right? I guess magazines need sales by placing celebrities and stars on the covers, am I right Anna?

Now, this isn’t the only thing that irks me. Well, it’s not so much that I hate this editorial, but they edited Alessandra to look eerily as a plastic doll. She’s decent at what she does, but can we see a little less pinup from these VS models if we’re going to use them so often? Alessandra has a great career, don’t get me wrong, and she looks just fine up on the runway, but booty popping can’t be the only pose she knows, I’m certain. Shake what your momma’ gave you, I suppose.

Model: Alessandra Ambrosio
Photographer: Sølve Sundsbø


Cover Catch-Up

A new semester has started and a week of sickness. Where do I even begin to catch up on my lovely? For one, February is bringing us plenty of magazine covers that are really exceptional. First up, we have Lara Stone gracing the cover of Vogue Paris. Let’s note that this 70s, Gucci-fabulous cover is Carine’s 2nd to last. The editorials inside are sensational, but we’ll post about those later. Moving along, we have the LOVE cover with Lea T. submitting to Kate, which we find more sensual than the hardcore the cover implies. Can’t wait to see more from that. Last but not least, I couldn’t skip Alessandra on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar España for one reason: my devotion to Lanvin. I adore the fitted bodice atop the endlessly, flowing bottom.