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Cover Catch-Up

A new semester has started and a week of sickness. Where do I even begin to catch up on my lovely? For one, February is bringing us plenty of magazine covers that are really exceptional. First up, we have Lara Stone gracing the cover of Vogue Paris. Let’s note that this 70s, Gucci-fabulous cover is Carine’s 2nd to last. The editorials inside are sensational, but we’ll post about those later. Moving along, we have the LOVE cover with Lea T. submitting to Kate, which we find more sensual than the hardcore the cover implies. Can’t wait to see more from that. Last but not least, I couldn’t skip Alessandra on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar España for one reason: my devotion to Lanvin. I adore the fitted bodice atop the endlessly, flowing bottom.


My endless Lanvin affection…

I can haz Lanvin?

No really, I can’t stop all of my anticipation for this collection. I was really excited for these pieces, because I am the Lanvin fanboy. While nothing is as good as the original, and I can’t wait to see the day I can accept no less, these are essential Lanvin pieces now made for H&M, the other love of my life. Swoon. Here’s a peek at the menswear. The trench, the bow ties, the pants; I want them all. Are those plum-colored shoes or are my eyes deceiving me? It could be all excitement and the fact it’s almost 4am.

Me thinks neither Indianapolis locations will be one of  200 stores that receives the collection. Oh well. It saves on the old bank account and the innocent shoppers trying to get to what I deserve: every piece.



Lanvin Spring 2011

Lanvin is heaven. Always perfect and everything more. From airy silks, master draping, to perfect pleats and simple, yet interesting silhouettes, Alber never can disappoint me. My favorites include Karlie in her billowing pink and fuchsia gown, Frida in her perfectly executed opening gown, and let’s not forget the split dress on Lily and the wonderfully constructed suit on Abbey Lee. Perfection.


Lanvin x H&M

This is old news, right? I’m sorry, I just can’t hold my excitement. I am really eager to see what Alber has created for H&M. I’m doubting the items will be available of any of my Indianapolis stores, but if they are, I’ll for sure be purchasing a piece immediately. While I may be male, I’m sure there is a piece that I can wear, right? Lanvin is always at the forefront of my excitement when the Paris catwalks begin, so I’m expecting great things. What just raised my level of anxiousness is the fact that Natasha Poly will be modeling the campaign. Seriously cannot wait.

Along with the release, Lanvin x H&M has created a blog competition to bloggers around the world to register their blogs to be voted for a chance to win the world exclusive trailer of the H&M fashion show. Naturally I placed myself in, but who knows if I’ll get any votes. If you want, go ahead and vote for me. I don’t believe the winning blog has even reached 700 at the time of posting this. VOTE HERE I guess.

Lanvin Fall/Winter 10/11

Lanvin’s campaign finally came out and I love the cast and the clothes, the makeup…a little too hard. The eyes in particular are a tad whorish, but the models are definitely working this campaign. We have Anja Rubik, Magdalena Frackowiak and Mariacarla Boscono posing up something fierce for Steven Meisel. Oh Alber, please tell me it is the last season for these tribal influenced pieces.

[Via TFS]

My Top 10 Resort Thus Far

At the moment I find myself being immersed and lost in the sea of resort/cruise collections while listening to the likes of Patsy Cline, The Beatles, to Kelis and Goldfrapp. The eclectic mix of  music is appropriate for the varieties of collections I have been studying. While fashion weeks tend to be Christmas to me, resort collections are essentially the pre-game to the whole extravaganza and gets me excited and fills my void until Spring or Fall fashion week comes around in the Fall and Spring respectively. Regardless how I fap to these presentations and jump like a schoolgirl, I believe I have created a list of my favorite so far into the season, even though after doing so I want to change a few. The list is my original list, but I feel I’d put Proenza higher with their amaze-ball bags and prints and I grow deeper in love with Stella McCartney with her rose, electric blue, and to-die-for florals. So here we go:

Honorable Mention – Lanvin

10 – Tied: Marc Jacobs

10 – Tied: Marc by Marc Jacobs

9 – 3.1 Phillip Lim

8 – Erin Featherston

7 – Proenza Schouler

6 – Giambattista Valli

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Megan Fox in Interview

If there’s something or someone I dislike more than the Transformers movies is the femme fatale of the franchise, Megan Fox. The amount of garbage that just leaks and spews from her mouth is beyond necessary and she truly is the trailer trash, poor man’s Angelina Jolie for a new generation, despite her or anyone avoiding comparisons e.g. Marilyn Monroe tattoo. BUT, and there is a big but, I really like this editorial with Interview. She really does work that bobbed wig and the mannequin. Reminiscent of Alberta Ferreti  from ’07 and recently Lanvin, which she might even be wearing. She emulates a different form of sexy, rather than the seductive, slightly slutty side of what she generally pulls out and I’m really impressed. My only problem is that she needs to close her mouth, but for all I know she has some sort of impairment that doesn’t allow her to close her jaw completely, which could attribute to her incessant need to say whatever b.s. that comes from her mouth to prove that she’s not some bimbo. Well, guess what? No one believes that you don’t recognize your beauty or whether you have an hypothesis on how to cure muscular dystrophy or that weird thumb of yours. That’s about as interesting as watching George W. Bush compete in a spelling bee, which might actually be quite hilarious. Speaking of mouth, the sharp red lip and the contrasting black clothing that contrasts with her milky skin is indeed beautiful. Whatever you’re doing here, keep doing it, Foxy.

Title: Megan Fox
Magazine: Interview June 2010
Model: Megan Fox
Photographer: Craig McDean


Jamie Bochert: V Magazine #65

I’ve actually kept these photos in my files for almost a month now. I don’t know why I’ve put them off. I really love this editorial. I’ve never really had any admiration for Jamie until these photos. She’s such an interesting and fairly androgynous beauty. She really does work well for the brands she represents like Givenchy and Lanvin. She’s pretty awesome, to be honest.

This editorial is named “Body Electric” and it is so fitting and I’m in adoration of the electric blue backdrop. My favorite photo is the one where she’s springing out of the grass. It’s so absolutely fantastic. With that being said, I like the ones where she contrasts the blue in paleness of white. She’s such a powerful subject to look at. Well Jamie, you have my attention now.

Body Electric
Model: Jamie Bochert
Photographer: Inez & Vinoodh
Stylist: Joe McKenna


Diane Kruger – Fashion Star

Diane, what can’t you love about this woman? Most know her from Inglourious Basterds, but many also know her through her keen fashions and superb sense of style that is unmatchable. She has such high tastes from Chanel – says Karl Lagerfeld is like a father – to Haute Couture and the most casual wear, yet is always so perfectly edited from top to bottom. Sometimes her style can raise questions, but there never is a question for taste.  Recently she has really caught my attention, not to mention the whole fashion universe’s eye, with all of her exquisite numbers she wears on and off the runway.

We begin a few weeks ago in St. Tropez. The night before Chanel unveiled the resort collection, Diane sported a beautiful Chanel number paired with a hat to make it seem like the perfect casual ensemble. How relaxed yet cool does she look? During the actual runway show, Miss Kruger wowed in a Chanel Pre-Fall 2010 minidress adorned in black paillettes. The formal model is sexy as an obvious Chanel darling. I think her best accessory to date is her beau, Joshua Jackson, or Pacey if you will. He’s turned into such a GQ man as of late. Something is rubbing off and it’s something that I need to steal. Perfection is what it all is. Perfection.

Street style is something that is very interesting and different for everyone. Diane mastered it like it was effortless. What I’m sure is J.CREW, she pairs it with a hat again and Lanvin heels as she goes from shopping to wherever. The skirt is cute and the pop of purple makes the outfit exciting, while the heels bring a slight edge to the feminine and whimsy with the gold chain.

Now to the Cannes’s ensembles that got endless press. My first choice is the Jason Wu gown at Palme d’Or Award Closing Ceremony during Cannes Film Festival. The custom fuchsia gown is stunning and I don’t care to hear opinions stating otherwise. The black bodice is pretty with the lace and bead details, and this is definitely a gown to wear to make a statement. It comes across so strong, a bit quirky, and highly feminine. I love the gown on this woman! Moving on at Cannes, you can’t overlook the Giambattista Valli Fall 2010 dress. While the hair isn’t the best statement to make for any occasion, the dress is just absolutely beautiful and stunning. The bodice makes the whole dress with the beading and block flowers. Add the lower 60s pink half, and the look is so chic and wonderful. While most could not pull this off, instances like these excite me. Why just wear the same old boring dress? Have fun and play. This is what fashion is all about.

There is one more occasion that really caught my eye. This one other occasion is when she is wearing Lanvin Fall 2010. This is such a while dress, it’s ridiculous. Granted it’s not for everyone’s tastes, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. All of the detail and beading is fabulous and the fabric is interesting within itself. I love it. She pairs it with the same Lanvin shoes she wore shopping, yet this time they’re black. Stunning. Wow factor. Also, she pairs herself with the cutest little man. They look so good together. Makes you just jealous deep down inside.


Anja Instead of Jamie

So word is out that Anja Rubik is being the face for Fendi’s F/W 10-11 campaign. Not only does this excite me, but she’s apparently taking Jamie Bochert’s place as the face of Lanvin. I liked Jamie’s ads for Lanvin, they worked well with the flow of Lanvin’s expected flows and draping, but I’m really excited to what Anja will bring to the table. I think it would be great to have them both, but I suppose Alber is only feeling one girl at the moment. Straight to the top Anja, the world is yours, girl.