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i-D Pre-Spring 2012: Lara Stone, Stella Tennant

Lara Stone

There are multiple covers for Pre-Spring 2012 of i-D and these are the first two that don’t follow the theme. There are twelve other covers that follow an Asian theme, so we will post those in a later post. Lara’s is rather simple, natural, girl next door approach while Stella’s is a more floating, surreal beauty. Love them both.

i-D Pre-Spring 2012: Lara Stone
Models: Lara Stone, Stella Tennant
Photographer: Alasdair McLellan, Solve Sunsbø

Stella Tennant

i-D: Kate, Kanye, Abbey and Dree

I just don’t understand what they’ve done to the covers of i-D as of late. I don’t like the logo, I don’t like the filter on Kate’s, and overall it is basically just a hot mess. Abbey’s cover is terribly silly while Dree’s reminds me of Sasha Pivovarova’s H&M ads last winter. And Kanye’s? No comment.


i-D: Then, Now, Next – Kate, Naomi…and Gaga

Who did this i-D logo? It’s silly. Anyway, i-D is celebrating 30 years and there will be three covers: THEN Pre-Fall on sale August 12th, NOW Fall on sale September 23rd, NEXT Winter on sale November 11th. In the issue will feature The XX, Phoebe Philo, Sir Paul Smith, Florence Welch, Vivienne Westwood, Lara Stone, Pink, Gareth Pugh, and of course the cover models Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Lady Gaga.

“30 years – whoosh, more than an instant in i-D’s lifeline – it’s a generation. Three decades to be celebrated and contained in this special issue. The whole issue was created by Nick Knight 200 portraits that SHOWstudio made at the close of 2009 in Somerset House – once the home of British passports, now the central location for British Fashion Week. Nick’s celebration of identity was also a commemorative project inspired by the 5th birthday issue of i-D, where 100 portraits were featured in The Grown Up Issue. 25 years on, the gallery selection grew to 200. Happy birthday!” Terry Jones, Editor-in-Chief, i-D

I like all three covers, I really do. Kate and Naomi are absolutely, and I hate to use this term, quite fierce. Lady Gaga’s is fine, but I’m wondering how she got a cover. Nick Knight might have made that happen, but let’s be honest here. Kate and Naomi are icons, Kate being one of the best and most profitable models of all time that have influenced the fashion world greatly. I feel instead of Lady Gaga they could have chosen Lara, Karlie, Sasha, or even Natasha. That’s just my opinion, though.

I’m personally purchasing Kate’s cover and will pray to her altar every night, etc. Which one will you choose?


Year of the Kerr

Miranda Kerr’s career is in full drive now. The Australian beauty is branching from the VS Angels into high fashion, landing editorial and high fashion campaign gigs for Fall 2010/11. She’s featured in i-D, Elle, and Numéro Magazine. i-D started the Miranda trend with the nude eyebrows, and she looked alien and not herself. Elle brings back the sex kitten we all know. I love the Giambattista Valli python pumps, they’re absolutely to die for, but I wish her hair was a little less I just woke up and decided to put on some sexy clothes and a little more Kate Moss’s fray trend. Nothing too high fashion yet, so moving on to Numéro. They bring back the nude eyebrows that seem to be a growing trend, yet they aren’t cute on Miranda, yet I really like the direction they were going for in this shoot. The eyebrows are really something to downplay her sexpot traits. She’s almost too pretty and doesn’t have any terribly interesting features about her, so I really think the nude eyebrows work in her advantage. Her breasts are no big surprise, been there done that, but the styling is fairly decent with the bad little schoolgirl persona she plays. I think the lighting really helps this a lot. I think she’s almost there. I can’t wait until the Jil Sander campaign. It’s nice to see an Angel spread her wings, no pun intended.


i-D’s Spring Covers

i-D’s next issue will have three covers to choose from. The spring-theme has Sasha P., Freja and Natalia V. gracing the three covers. Sasha is drenched with the water-imitating dress while Freja and Natalia’s are predictable. Freja has a bit of attitude while Natalia is just naturally pretty like she always is. Both of them generally play up to that all of the time.