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Wrist Party


I’m not usually for excess when it comes to jewelry. I generally keep it to a minimum with one bracelet. There seems to be an increasing trend of packing on, or wrapping on if you will, as much as possible on to your wrist. Today I present to you my extent of arm candy.

Chain and braided band: H&M

Spiked leather bracelet: Cära New York


White Jeans

While everyone searches for the perfect colored trouser and jeans of every pastel shade to bright reds, I have been wanting the perfect white pant. I have a nice white trouser from last year, but I needed a skinny jean. I have been wearing a lot of black lately, which is fine and always chic, but I’m a pure prince and saintly, so bow down to my ethereally white wardrobe now. Let me tell you what I found.

H&M is a house of wonders: from basics to formal, it has it all. While not always spot on with what they churn out, one can always find something worth their while in a store. I happened to come across the Divided Red Super Squin jeans in white. They are flawless jeans on a budget. They fit snug, hit all the right places, and are only $9.95. Some of you might remember that I am the penis-bearing variety, but I like my trousers skinny, and these are perfect for my needs. Check them out at any H&M store.

Lanvin x H&M

This is old news, right? I’m sorry, I just can’t hold my excitement. I am really eager to see what Alber has created for H&M. I’m doubting the items will be available of any of my Indianapolis stores, but if they are, I’ll for sure be purchasing a piece immediately. While I may be male, I’m sure there is a piece that I can wear, right? Lanvin is always at the forefront of my excitement when the Paris catwalks begin, so I’m expecting great things. What just raised my level of anxiousness is the fact that Natasha Poly will be modeling the campaign. Seriously cannot wait.

Along with the release, Lanvin x H&M has created a blog competition to bloggers around the world to register their blogs to be voted for a chance to win the world exclusive trailer of the H&M fashion show. Naturally I placed myself in, but who knows if I’ll get any votes. If you want, go ahead and vote for me. I don’t believe the winning blog has even reached 700 at the time of posting this. VOTE HERE I guess.