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PBwJZCVModels.com updated their model rankings today. These lists have no impact in the success of a model, I’m certain, but we’re always curious to see what level of slayage our queens have risen to.  Shall we discuss the shifts in ranks? Shall we?

Our love, Joan Smalls, stays strong on the top of the list. Do I agree? No. Does she deserve it? Maybe. I am Joan’s biggest fan, but where she lacks is campaigns. I’m sure Hugo Boss and Estée Lauder both pay her by the ass-load, but is this a number one queen make?

What surprises me is the drop to #9 for Karlie Kloss. She may lack in editorials outside of Vogue, but love my bb Karlie or loathe her health- conscious, kookie-loving ass (see what I did there?), you can’t deny her presence in the industry. She has a set of wings and she should be flying a bit higher.

There are some blips here and there mixed in, clearly a majority of the list is paid for by agencies to make their ladies look good, but can we take a moment to the ‘supers’? Bye-bye, Heidi. It’s about time. She has the recognition as a supermodel without the pedigree of a supermodel. How many runways has she walked on without wings? My point exactly.

You can read where the models land on Models.com.



Claudia Schiffer – Vogue Germany

Momma has been in the game for over two decades and bitch doesn’t slow down, even with child in the oven. In the past few years we have had a resurgence of the last of the supermodels and they are showing the younger generations just how it’s done. Vogue Germany has a dedicated Claudia issue and I’m sure it will be fabulous. Karl once said that Heidi Klum was fat and not a real model, while I agree on the latter, I wonder if he ever thinks of Claudia as fat when she’s preggers? I can just imagine him telling her she needs to drop a few right now. Haha, as gloriously crazy as that sounds…I wouldn’t doubt it.