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Cover Catch-Up

A new semester has started and a week of sickness. Where do I even begin to catch up on my lovely? For one, February is bringing us plenty of magazine covers that are really exceptional. First up, we have Lara Stone gracing the cover of Vogue Paris. Let’s note that this 70s, Gucci-fabulous cover is Carine’s 2nd to last. The editorials inside are sensational, but we’ll post about those later. Moving along, we have the LOVE cover with Lea T. submitting to Kate, which we find more sensual than the hardcore the cover implies. Can’t wait to see more from that. Last but not least, I couldn’t skip Alessandra on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar España for one reason: my devotion to Lanvin. I adore the fitted bodice atop the endlessly, flowing bottom.



Harper’s Bazaar January 2011: Subscriber’s Cover

Why, why, why isn’t this the actual cover of Harper’s Bazaar?! This upsets me greatly! Julianna Margulies certainly is a beautiful woman, but can we let the models do their job, America? Lily is flawless as is this cover, so let’s make a change. I understand we’re celebrity and actor obsessed and people like Jennifer Aniston sell covers, but do they have to be on the cover every month?

Subscriber’s Cover
Model: Lily Donaldson
Ph: Terry Richardson


Harper’s Bazaar: Crystal Renn

I have never particularly been a fan of Crystal Renn, something about her face may have bothered me, but she certainly looks great in the latest Harper’s Bazaar. Let’s face it, if the girl can fit into sample sizes, she in no way can be considered plus-size, but regardless of the fact, people will be talking and hating whether she goes up a few or down a few in dress sizes. I will never understand this. She has overcome an eating disorder and has been comfortable speaking about such; trying I suppose to be a sort of an advocate. Everyone seemingly gets into a rage whenever she loses weight, but who made it her job to always be that plus-size model? Who says she can’t be healthy and happy? If these things result in her being thin, why should people criticize this? Sure it may seem a bit humorous and slightly crass to defend a girl losing weight, but what it all comes down to is that she has to defend herself being healthy and exercising regularly. The fact is that the girl is a successful model and she’ll get support whatever bracket she seems to be representing.


Harpers Bazaar Espana: Eniko Mihalik

Eniko has rarely failed me. My adoration started with her i-D cover in January 2009. Here is no different. How fabulous is this cover and editorial. It seems as though someone has been rummaging through Beyonce’s assortment of weaves. The amount of energy and attention that hair demands is outrageous, and I love it all the more. Let’s not forget to comment on Brad. Jealous.

Photographer: Nico
Fashion Editor: Juan Cebrián
M: Eniko Mihalik and Brad Kroenig


Harper’s Bazaar September: Jennifer Aniston

I must say, the first mention of Jennifer Aniston on any cover of a magazine immediately gives me this yawning reflex not associated with the fact I’m up at 6:30am after getting off work two and a half hours ago. Odd? Doubtful, but once I saw what we were working with, I’ve fallen for what Mark Seliger did for the editorial and the subscriber’s cover. Jen is the Funny Face herself. Put a wig and some makeup on the beach girl and there are some striking resemblances. I’d say if she were more than just a comedic actor, she could have something really going there in the movie department. There’s something always pulling you down, eh, Jen?


UK Harper’s Bazaar: Gisele Bundchen

Someone doing beautiful lace justice, not to mention Dolce & Gabbana. Shot by Cedric Buchet, Gisele looks gives her best smoldering glare that’s all about the fashion. Stunning. This is why she went straight to the top and never left. Bring on the September issues.

Photographer: Cedric Buchet
Model: Gisele Bundchen
Stylist: Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou
Harper’s Bazaar UK, September 2010


Jessica Stam: Spanish Revival

Over the past week I have noticed I’ve posted a few sexy posts and a few NSFW posts. Maybe it’s my subconscious telling me I just love naked people, I don’t know, but we’re in some dire need of sweet, pretty fashion before everyone goes into tits-and-ass overload. I, of course, would like to see the results of such a condition, but maybe it’s best not best we witness such a tragedy.

My, my, what do we have here? Why it’s Jessica Stam. A spoonful of Stammie makes the medicine go down. This Spanish editorial for Harper’s Bazaar brings out Fall’s velvets and flowing fabrics. I never pictured that Louis Vuitton gown in a Spanish setting, and I say the results are divine.

Title: Spanish Revival
Magazine: Harper’s Bazaar US August 2010
Model: Jessica Stam
Photographer: Alexi Lubomirski