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The September Issue: Lady Gaga

So here it is in all of the 916 pages of glory. A new phone book for another decade of fashion. At first look I will admit that I loved this. Don’t ask me why, these are things I cannot explain. At second glance, well, I find it rather off-putting to say the least. It’s not so much Lady Gaga herself, but rather that the clashing color choices are just so…and the red ribbon…the magenta…I don’t know. I’m also going to put it out there that they could have chosen something a little better. Sure, Marc Jacobs is an acceptable choice for a milestone (120 years of Vogue), but I feel something would have been a better choice. Prada put out these wonderfully printed suits that would have been fabulous. You know what would also have been fabulous for the anniversary? A model. A newly formed supermodel-in-training. Karlie Kloss. Maybe a little less Rupaul, no? Dreams, right?

Vogue September 2012
Musician: Lady Gaga
Photographer: Mert & Marcus
Stylist: Grace Coddington

Vogue October 2010: Carey Mulligan

This Chanel floral dress should be revolting to my eyes, but it’s very pretty, just like Carey Mulligan is. She has this odd beauty, intelligence and quirkiness about her that is very appealing. What is seemingly off-putting are the banners and headlines. Must there be headlines for every article and piece of information within? As a longtime Vogue reader, I want to be surprised, because as repetitive as the magazine gets, I want to know the superior fashion magazine is still worthy of my purchase. While we’re on the topic of being repetitive, let’s focus on November 2009. I could have sworn I already purchased this issue, but in another year. Oh, yeah. You dove into the mix and didn’t put Sarah or Gwyneth on the cover, but the cover is basically a repeat. Baby steps, right?

Now, I really wanted to dislike the editorial, but I do not think I’m capable of finding her endlessly adorable. Besides, this is infinitely better than her previous editorial with Vogue. Maybe she looks slightly swallowed and uncomfortable in the billowing Christian Dior Haute Couture, but she adds a new perspective to the gowns without being so straight-forward and off the runway. I see what Grace Coddington and Peter Lindbergh are up to. Maybe Prada and a splash of Miu Miu are not the only fishes out in the sea for Carey, but then again, Audrey Hepburn was always at her best in Givenchy and Grace Kelly always carried her Hermès bag.

Maybe this is slightly refreshing. Thoughts?