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Fashion Night Out: ‘Glee’

Touché, Ms. Wintour. Touché.

How many tweens actually know what Fashion Night Out is or truly care about anything else besides GLEE? I’m guessing very few. Whatever drives business. You win this round, Wintour.

Photographer: Norman Jean Roy


Natasha Poly Looking Fab

I must have missed model Natasha Poly in the photos from the Met Gala. Absolutely fab, darling! I love the gold Michael Kors. I love the way it drapes and flows on her body. Such class and glamor. I mean, it probably wouldn’t accentuate anything  so positiviely on mere mortal women, but she does look absolutely stunning and sultry either way. Those sexy Russians.

And to keep up tonight’s theme of Glee, Will Shuester is a slut.  While I really have no idea what’s going on in the photo and I’m not so sure I really want to know, I’d like to see how these two were paired together at all at any time within the night. Who knew he was even there. Go ahead, see for yourself, Gleeks. Should be the last thumbnailed picture.


Madonna’s “Vogue”

After watching Glee and Sue’s rendition of “Vogue,” it made me think of the many infamous styles we have witnessed Madonna wear not only in the video but in perfomances. She goes from the Gaultier bras to the Marie Antoinette-inspired hair and gowns. This is definitely one of my top Madonna songs behind a few others, but she changes the performances only keeping the general idea with choreography. If Madge isn’t a style icon for the good or the bad, then I don’t know who is. She reinvents herself every album that her followers try to mimic, but always fall short. She has so many phases in style it’s hard to count. Focusing on the “Vogue” styles, check out below:

1. The 1990 VMAs Performance (click here)

The tall powdered wigs, the panniers, the gowns…everything I love.

2. The Re-invention Tour

Stays with the French Baroque-Marie Antoinette theme, but costume allowances so she can show off her moves. The crystal encrusted corset is beautiful, I love the boots, and this costume in general stands out in my mind when I think of her.

3. The Sticky and Sweet Tour

A simpler costume, but her costume here was the result of removing layers of previous items that ended with a sheer number and what we see here. I love this performance as well.

Glee Gets In Vogue

So TV Guide is prepping us for not only the long-awaited return of Glee, but the episode dedicated to Madonna. She is the “Queen of Pop” and there is no one, no Gaga, Spears, Beyonce, or Aguilera that even comes close to Madonna’s reign. I said it, not even by a long stretch. Say what you will, but give the woman some credit. These photos are silly and represent stages of Madonna’s career. We have the Jean-Paul Gaultier cone bra representation, the “Papa Don’t Preach,” “Get Into the Groove,” and more. I think the Asian girl’s is the worst and most generic Madonna representation, but maybe that’s just me, especially since it’s basically her character on the show, just a more than 20 years later version. Here you go you Glee fans! Enjoy the beautiful day!