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Numéro: Eniko Mihalik

Remember what we said about Prada being everywhere? At least it makes for a completely seductive and tantalizing cover for Eniko, whom I feel I need more in my life, please and thank you.

Numéro #120 February 2011 : Eniko Mihalik



Vogue Paris: Pussy West

In Tom Ford’s issue of Vogue Paris, Crystal Renn, Abbey Lee, and Eniko Mihalik star as outlaws in Pussy West, a wild west wonderland referencing Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and probably Back to the Future’s DeLorean. What fantastical usage of Givenchy HC and Louis Vuitton Fall 2010. This is one group of outlaws I’d thoroughly running into trouble with.

**Outtake includes Tom Ford and Terry Richardson laying one on each other. Awkward or oddly sexy? I’ll go with awkward.

Ph: Terry Richardson
M: Crystal Renn, Abbey Lee, and Eniko Mihalik


Harpers Bazaar Espana: Eniko Mihalik

Eniko has rarely failed me. My adoration started with her i-D cover in January 2009. Here is no different. How fabulous is this cover and editorial. It seems as though someone has been rummaging through Beyonce’s assortment of weaves. The amount of energy and attention that hair demands is outrageous, and I love it all the more. Let’s not forget to comment on Brad. Jealous.

Photographer: Nico
Fashion Editor: Juan Cebrián
M: Eniko Mihalik and Brad Kroenig


V: Adriana Lima, Eniko, Isabeli, Lily, and Natasha

The covers came in for V Magazine‘s “The Sexy Body” issue and we’re still a bit grossed out by them. Sure they’re absolutely sexy and perfect fapping material for any guy, but the scratch-off “V” to see a tit or a hoo-ha sounds a bit Penthouse than a beloved, edgy fashion magazine. Minus the cheapening of Dior, I’ll give them that angle is quite awkward and I’ll give them a break. Lily is either pained or Mario Sorrenti was yelling for her to give him the look that she’s the hottest bitch. It could be either, really. Despite all of this, I’m still curious to see the editiorials.


V Magazine: “The Sexy Body Issue” ft. Adriana Lima

There’s no denying Adriana Lima has a sexy body, if not one of the most, pre- or post-natal, but something about this cover screams cheap whore, trashy, etc. Those given adjectives are not something I would ever describe the once ‘Sexiest Virgin’, so why did Mario Sorrenti insist on shooting Adriana on the cover of V like it were Hustler? To add a little more cheapness to the equation, there are 1000 covers of each girl (Natasha Poly, Eniko Mihalik, Lily Donaldson, and Isabeli Fontana) with scratch-off V logos to reveal some nips. While I have no problem with nudity in fashion, there isn’t any need to make it look like a back alley skank on the cover of a fashion magazine. My second problem lies within the models’ faces. Adriana and possibly Natasha look decent, but why does every one have the look of boredom or the fact that they’re holding back a massive poo? While nothing can be perfect, this certainly falls into that theory.

With that being said, if this is supposed to look like a bit trashy and campy, then I can come around and appreciate the covers for what they’re worth. There is an editorial poking fun of the infamous WAGs, or a footballer’s wife. It still weirds me out with the scratch-off covers any way you look at the matter.


I’m Back!

Back in the 317 from the East Coast where I would rather be living, but hey, can’t change everything yet. I’ve missed the Bottega Veneta and Christian Dior Resort shows while traveling DC up to Maine through New York again and countless magazine covers that I’ve been dying to see. Didn’t actually spot it, but I guess Legs McGee is on the cover of Vogue. While she is looking stunning, excuse me while I vomit. Girlfriend does not deserve the cover again for a long time. Change it up; take some chances. Like speaking to a wall, US Vogue. Like Glenn Close, I don’t like to be ignored…yet I’m still reading, because you’re the superior magazine to Elle anyway, although this leads me to my next topic.

I picked up some magazines before the trip and almost went the way of Vogue Italia/Paris yet found Elle UK: Collections, which showed the spring shows, previews, etc. and I actually read it through cover to cover. I’m looking forward to the fall edition in a few months. I also picked up BON International and RUSH, Swedish and Australian respectively. The formal had Eniko Mihalik and the latter with Jacquelyn Jablonski. Independent fashion magazines are always the best with photography, styling, and model choices. They take more chances with content and are generally more interesting. You don’t feel as bad for prices because you’re getting a quality magazine that has quality print that isn’t some glossy. My favorite in the states is Z!NK and I can only find them at the B&N at school and the Borders at the mall I work. Good stuff.

On the East Coast I took note and observed people’s styles. I saw interesting professional women in DC where the women would change it up and wear pearls. In Boston, you could tell when the women were on break when you spotted them in suits with skirts and tennis shoes power-walking through the park at Beacon Hill. One trend that is timeless that dominates the East Coast is actual my favorite trend that is also elsewhere: the horizontal stripes. These are the sailor stripes. Effortlessly cool and chic. It’s really hard to get it wrong for any age and sex.

I needed something else to read in the car when I wasn’t gazing at mountains and architecture. I picked up My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands by Chelsea Handler. I not only already wanted to be her friend from watching her show every night, I got to thinking about her wardrobe. Girlfriend has a killer shoe fetish so she’s fine their. At times her hair is flawless and it shows she likes to have fun. What’s not always good is what she’s wearing. Many times her tops or whatever flaunt things one wouldn’t generally and not show off what’s good about her body, although I will admit she shows her arms, which are really in shape. Love the woman, but she should seriously fly me out to style her. I’ll do it cheaper than any Rachel Zoe could AND we’d drink together as much as possible. I can see a blooming friendship on the horizon. Get on that, Handler. I’m waiting for my flight ticket.


I can’t stop loving Proenza Schouler and their tie-dye. I see many DIY’s online and I don’t know if I can successfully pull them off. I just want the damn top. The places I would wear it and the people I would laugh at for their inferiority. Bwahaha. What I’m saying is Proenza Schouler need to contact me and send me one. The thought of owning one makes me wet.