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David Beckham Bodywear for H&M

Sexy, steamy, and dayum. David Beckham is in his underwear once again, this time for my company: H&M. This will first air on television and be broadcast throughout the world during the Super Bowl in my city of Indianapolis. I’ll be picking up the long johns tomorrow at work. What will you be buying for yourself or that sexy man in your life?


David Beckham in Skivvies

It has been a couple years since his Emporio Armani underwear ads, but do these make you want see a little more? I’m wondering if he’s stuck with the label, especially for games.

Moving on with the underwear topic, I’ll have to admit that I’m still dedicated to H&M’s underwear for men. The trunks are always cute with designs from strips to geometric shapes. How can you go wrong?

I’ll thank Mr. Beckham for inspiring my underwear post and the reminding need of getting in shape. Underwear can make you feel better about yourself, albeit in a more hidden way, but the point is that they don’t just have to be an undergarment. From silly and sexy to utilitarian, underwear has an abundance of purposes. How do you wear your underwear?