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Vogue Russia: Lara Stone


I don’t even know what this horrifying mess of a cover is, but we’re moving on to what’s inside. Following the Calvin Klein minimalism, Lara is posed in Francisco’s efforts and even with him, quite simple and striking. I wonder where this leaves her with her contract. Maybe beauty isn’t an exclusive. Anyway, I could use a pop of color. Next…

Before I forget, don’t worry about my lacking in posts. I’m taking summer classes, trying to finish up here at Purdue and also am just a college student with a drinking probable drinking problem that is laying on my couch after devouring last night’s Taco Bell I never ate. So, to problem shmoblems and this exciting, undoubtedly bleak life, here we go!

Vogue Russia: July 2011
Photo: Mark Seliger
Model: Lara Stone


The Met Ball: Lara Stone

Not surprising at all, but the models looked infinitely better than many of the actresses that showed up to last night’s event and the randoms that you question how they got invited or if they just somehow broke security (I’m looking at you Ciara. Some muse you are to Tisci. I just wanted to yell out, “she doesn’t even go here!”).

First model in point, my favorite, Lara Stone. Is someone setting up a really great joke by placing Lauren Hutton next to Lara? Gap-toothed beauties working it on the red carpet. Speaking of which, her gap does look incrementally smaller. If rumors are true, I hope she doesn’t close the gap all of the way. Now, back on topic. We all know Lara has an exclusive with Calvin Klein, so naturally she’s going to show up in Costa’s minimalistic efforts. She looks beyond sexy, but they couldn’t have chosen something a little more for the event or even allowed her to show up in McQueen?

Coco Rocha also gifted the world through a Tweet of Lara Stone, Dree Hemingway, and an Olsen in the ladies room. Silly ladies.


Obama at Wintour’s Home

Tonight, Anna Wintour is throwing a fund-raiser for the Democratic National Convention and guess who will be in attendance at her Sullivan St. home? None other than President Obama. For those of you who are completely unaware and haven’t read the news for say the past 20 years, Anna Wintour is the Editor-In-Chief of American Vogue and is respected and held highly in the global fashion and apparel industry. Also in attendance will be Calvin Klein and Donna Karan. I can only imagine the conversations that could go on. We doubt that Donna and Barack will discuss any draping techiniques, but I know I sure would love to be a fly on that wall. Oh, did we mention it costs $30,000 a head? Yeah, about that.


Lara Stone: Playboy France

Lara Stone is all class and absolutely perfect. She’s ranked as one of the top models and is the face of multiple campaigns this Fall including Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani. Well, Playboy France was not making it very easy for her. I don’t think in any country Playboy is anything much than pornography, setting aside the “articles”, so who really expects much style-wise and set-wise? Apparently that jeweled craziness is the same that Selita Ebanks wore in the VS fashion show in ’08. It’s like they gave her a hotel room, stripper-wear, and a few obstacles to see if she could come up with anymore than a skanky medical patient. Luckily, Lara shows she’s a true model and doesn’t come off cheap and tacky. Besides, who doesn’t love Lara’s lovely breasts? Also, I’m fairly certain these are reprints, so maybe that’s why she’s featured in the magazine. Check out the photos after the cut:


None of these photos were intended to be published in any Playboy magazine and Lara gave no consent to the photos being released. Let’s support our goddess in her suit towards the magazine.

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Lara Stone: Calvin Klein Fall 2010

There’s so much endless love that I have for Lara Stone. To be a model you must have an interesting feature about you and she has many. The one feature I adore, like Kate Moss, are striking and piercing eyes. Note to CK: Bring back Kate in an editorial with Lara. Just saying.  I’m even doing a painting over piercing eyes. I really feel like Lara has a chance to fit into the definition of supermodel. She’s such a rare beauty. Average is not something I could ever describe her as.

Back to the fall campaign. The portrait is such a strong, glamorous yet powerful photograph. Some might find flaws like gaps in teeth, but the great thing about models is that they get to embrace those interesting features. The bench shot is sexy and fierce. I wouldn’t mess with that bish. Lastly, I see such elegance in the warehouse shot where Lara wears such an odd silhouette in the least beautiful of locations. I approve!

Also, “Alejandro” will be premiering while I’m at work, so maybe I’ll post and review that tonight. One could only hope that the rumor of Lara being in the video were true, but from the sneak peaks, there’s just plenty of sexy homo-eroticism and the Lady. I mean, the sneak peak/pic already looks like Steven Klein just put his previous Lara Stone editorial in music video form with Lady Gaga. Am I right?! Hurry, “Alejandro”, hurry.



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