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Beyonce: Nutso

“The inspiration for this look was Marilyn Monroe meets Angelina Jolie. I named her Jolie Monroe.”

And we name you Crazy, Beysus. I have about a good enough explanation for this statement as I have for either of your lines. Deréon is not only tragic, but the House of Deréon makes you look like Roberto Cavalli, but worse. Stick to booty popping and vocal runs, Bey.



Glee Gets In Vogue

So TV Guide is prepping us for not only the long-awaited return of Glee, but the episode dedicated to Madonna. She is the “Queen of Pop” and there is no one, no Gaga, Spears, Beyonce, or Aguilera that even comes close to Madonna’s reign. I said it, not even by a long stretch. Say what you will, but give the woman some credit. These photos are silly and represent stages of Madonna’s career. We have the Jean-Paul Gaultier cone bra representation, the “Papa Don’t Preach,” “Get Into the Groove,” and more. I think the Asian girl’s is the worst and most generic Madonna representation, but maybe that’s just me, especially since it’s basically her character on the show, just a more than 20 years later version. Here you go you Glee fans! Enjoy the beautiful day!


V Magazine Spain Goes Wild

I love me some V Magazine whenever I can get my hands on it, and I’m sure Spain’s version is that much better. Here’s a couple pics from Masha’s editorial from April’s edition. I love the interesting way she poses, the intensity of her eyes, the McQueen shoes…wait, that pose seems a tad bit familiar.

I prefer Masha’s better, the McQueen shoes trump the awesome ballet stilettos, although both are pretty fierce and wild. If only one day I could own a pair. That leopard bodysuit looks like the one Gaga wears in “Telephone.” Oh, the references.