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Fashion Night Out: ‘Glee’

Touché, Ms. Wintour. Touché.

How many tweens actually know what Fashion Night Out is or truly care about anything else besides GLEE? I’m guessing very few. Whatever drives business. You win this round, Wintour.

Photographer: Norman Jean Roy


Vogue September 2011: Kate Moss

Kate in McQueen

I still claim that my invitation was lost somewhere in the mail. Kate’s wedding was the wedding to be at, and such a darling wedding at that. Who cares about the royal wedding nonsense when the Kate Moss is getting married?

First off, I want to thank Anna Wintour for not only providing a lovely cover, but providing us all with a brilliant idea for the September issue: Kate’s wedding. She is but the queen, am I right?

Going through the photos, some big names were in attendance at her wedding. There was Stella McCartney and her father, Paul McCartney, Jack White and Karen Elson, Hamish Bowles, Naomi Campbell, Marc Jacobs,  Daphne Guinness, Lara Stone, and many others were all their to witness the nuptials and the soiree that happened after. Such a charming celebration it must have been.

For photos, follow the cut or go to Vogue.com. I know I will be purchasing this issue the moment I find it on newsstands.

Vogue September 2011
Model: Kate Moss
Ph: Mario Testino

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US Vogue Sept. 2010: Halle Berry by Mario Testino

That hair…

Hasn’t Anna Wintour learned anything? I think Testino’s love, Kate Moss, would have been a lot better. I could actually name a list of people that would be better than this mediocre actor in this typical bob that’s surfaced on the cover of Vogue time and time again. Sure she’s pretty, but…YAWN.

Maybe I’m the only one, but 726 pages really does excite me. I love campaigns and ads in fashion magazines almost more than the actual content. I’m hoping for some beautiful editorials by Grace Coddington among others, because Halle isn’t hitting the mark for me. I really understand the bob’s significance with the 20s feel, but it just isn’t working. Let’s not even mention velvet. I understand the fabric is trying to make a comeback, but can we stop while we’re ahead? I despise velvet almost as much as Blair Waldorf loved headbands. They were like a part of her, you know?

Let’s take some risks, Anna. Pretty please!


Obama at Wintour’s Home

Tonight, Anna Wintour is throwing a fund-raiser for the Democratic National Convention and guess who will be in attendance at her Sullivan St. home? None other than President Obama. For those of you who are completely unaware and haven’t read the news for say the past 20 years, Anna Wintour is the Editor-In-Chief of American Vogue and is respected and held highly in the global fashion and apparel industry. Also in attendance will be Calvin Klein and Donna Karan. I can only imagine the conversations that could go on. We doubt that Donna and Barack will discuss any draping techiniques, but I know I sure would love to be a fly on that wall. Oh, did we mention it costs $30,000 a head? Yeah, about that.


1, 2, 3

1) According to Fashionista, the Editor-and-Chief of Russian Vogue has stepped down. It’s said she was rumored to take Anna Wintour’s position for American Vogue, but I’d pull the reigns back, because I don’t feel the Queen Mother is stepping down anytime soon. There are few people who can fill those slingbacks.

2) H&M’s Divided label is very print-oriented this coming Fall, and I love it. From animal prints to sexy stripes, what I really want to do is squeeze that adorable Abbey Lee.

3) I hardly ever have praise for Hervé Léger, what with their excessive body-con trademark. The bandage dresses get tiring after seeing the same one on Z-List celebrities with misplaced heads and the same standard poses on the cover of Cosmopolitan. What can I say? The latest campaign brings me to a change of heart. You may have one this round Max Azria.

6 Rants That Could Go One and On

1. What are the deal with these obnoxiously ugly Silly Bandz®?  I understand it’s just another meaningless fad, but seriously? Rubber bands that are in the shapes of animals and countless other things? This has to be a trend for middle school students and below as well those that include in the scene and hipster group varieties that believe they dress “different” to be “unique“, when in fact they all dress exactly the same and buy into whatever gimmick they’re after. It has Hot Topic written all over it and much to my surprise, Hot Topic doesn’t even carry them, which leads me to number two.

2. Hot Topic apparently is promoting crop tops. They come back every decade in a new form and I don’t appreciate it’s terror on my eyes and those with taste. Why would any girl want to frolic about in a cropped T-Shirt with the print of the American flag? Because they’re trashy, that’s why. I imagine them paired with frayed jean skirts or something that falls into the leggings variety, which by the way, are not or ever pants. You look like filth.

3. That hippie headband trend has got to go. No, you don’t look good, you look like a big FAIL.

4. I’m still upset at those jean short cut-offs guys wear. Fools.

5. Ke$82@#a. This is pretty much unrelated, but I don’t understand her public persona. She does her robot moves on stage and emits the glow of a low-rent hooker that has a fetish for all things crafts, feathers and glitter particularly. While alcoholism and crafts are a few of my favorite things, she is not. Take a shower girl.

6. Vogue. Come now, Anna, I read who is rumored to be on the August cover. Gwyneth Paltrow. Color me unimpressed. While she may have a flare for style, pretty, and legs up to the moon, her personality is about as vibrant as a toaster. I’m dearly hoping this is yet just a rumor, because the way your covers tend to bore me to endless lengths, this cover girl is one I could go without for the 1,321th time. Try a model. Maybe one that’s not Gisele and it doesn’t have to be Kate. Choose a trio of models with fierce gazes that have smizing written all over it. I double-dog-dare you. Maybe triple.