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Karlie Kloss being the Queen of fashion week.

New York Fashion Week is THE fashion week in America, and I was lucky enough to work and attend for the third season in a row. I work every show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center and am fortunate enough to view most of those shows. In recent seasons it has become more of a spectacle than it has been in the past. You will no be walking around and notice the absurd amounts of street style bloggers and photographers wanting to snap your photo and along with them: the street style stars. More on that topic later.

Anyway, here are a few from my busy week to prove that I was there. I have more, but they’re really unnecessary to post.

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Anna Sui Spring 2011 RTW

Every floral, prairie-hipster and Jennie Humphrey thanks you, Anna.

With that being said, I actually love this. I loved the casting from Lily, Freja and fetus-face herself, Wixson. I really wanted to scream at denim and quilting, but it transitioned so well.

Anna Sui, never change. 20 years and counting, lady.