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UK Vogue: Star Girls

How fabulous are these girls? Remove Carmen and Edie with maybe Abbey, Anja or Natasha and we have a perfect list in this UK Vogue dedicated to stars. True supermodels Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer are joined with seasoned veteran Angela Lindvall and a list of my favorites. Golden and beautiful.

Star Girls
M: Daria, Kate, Karlie, Claudia, Natalia, Angela, Sasha, Georgia, Carmen, Naomi,
Lily, Stella, Freja, Edie, & Lara
Ph: Mario Testino
S: Lucina Chambers


Prada Fall/Winter Campaign

Miranda Kerr made it in the campaign. While the Aussie ‘Angel’ doesn’t appear in the fairly boring menswear campaign, she graces Prada’s womenswear as a supporting cast member to Angela Lindvall. While those awesome stockings appear, my one problem is I need more of those crazy cat lady glasses instead of the eyewear featured here, because without them, my life is incomplete. Absolutely incomplete. I love the cool 60s nightclub vibe with Lindvall on the mic. I wish Steven Meisel could have elaborated a bit more, added a little creativity, but I’ll take what I can get, because I loved the grandma-chic that Miuccia put out on the runways. How else will my friend Emma know how to dress in her future identity as the ‘Cat Lady’ that takes videos of them and makes them dance? These are the things we need to know in life.


Angela and Isabeli – Muse #22

Angela Lindvall and Isabeli also get their own covers on Muse and I love the results of both, especially Angela’s. While Isabeli does sexy beach shots, Angela’s editorial is full of flow-y fabric and spliced,¬†psychedelic¬†imagery. There is one photo that seems quite out of place and that one is Angela in leopard print. This particular shot not only doesn’t flow well with the rest of her photos, it also is similar of Masha’s work a couple months ago where she is almost in the same pose while wearing practically the same bodysuit. Check out the pretty ladies below!