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One more for “Alejandro”

Okay, I’m just hoping Gaga is celebrating Steven Klein’s work while collaborating with him. Here’s a photo from his editorial an Arena Homme in 2008. Hm, interesting. I’ll put it after the cut as it’s NSFW, but also, actually check out the editorial at the source. It’s really sexy and violent at the same time.

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Gaga Like Stone

I’ve been busy and didn’t get around to this yet, but it’s still open to discuss. Well, we all know “Alejandro” will be the next visual masterpiece by our Lady of Gaga and well, is Steven Klein referencing his own work or reliving it through Lady Gaga’s music? While it was long ago rumored that Lara Stone would be in the music video, we still haven’t the faintest of clues, why would Steven take a photoshoot of his featuring Lara and redo it? As every other site has concluded online, we wouldn’t have supposed Lady Gaga would be the one being original seeing that is what she touts. Hm, maybe referencing, like the whole “Telephone” and Quentin Tarantino thing, is her new way of expression. The things that confuse us in life. I can’t wait for full puzzle.