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Gucci F/W 11.12

While the photographs are certainly and obviously done by Mert & Marcus, who seem to be doing every editorial, the sexy atmosphere is infinitely better than what has been going on the past few season. Also, heads aren’t tilted back and the styling is much more tolerable than the runway. I feel like I’m on a roll here with the compliments. Let’s see. Abbey doesn’t look as emaciated and of the walking dead that she has been looking lately. Definitely a plus. Keep that up, but unfortunately over-processed photographs don’t translate into real life. Really, just eat a sandwich. It will all be better, child. One more thing: More Joan, please.

Gucci F/W 11.12
Model: Abbey, Sigrid, Joan, Emily, Lenz, Anthon, Duco
Ph: Mert & Marcus


Abbey’s Decline

I’m not even going to bother posting the magazine cover of Abbey eating bread, because I’m certain the crumbs on her lips are the only food she has consumed in a long, long time. I love Abbey, I really do, but Lagerfeld’s grasp is quite clutching and I’d like him to let go. She’s not herself anymore and he’s apparently drained her youth.  Take away her hollow face and this cover is decent with the gorgeous Spring 2011 Christian Dior gown. Maybe if she went back brunette it would at least be a start.

Eat a sandwich, darling. A coffin and the living dead is not chic, despite what Twilight tells us.

Photographer: Mario Sorrenti
Stylist: George Cortina
Hair: Recine
Makeup: Aaron De May
Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw


Numéro May 2011: Abbey Lee

I really cherish Karl Lagerfeld. He’s a glistening diamond in the rough, but whenever he brings models into his crowd, they change severely. Abbey was so adorable before this gaunt, bleached out phase she’s going through now. Sure, she looks wonderful on the cover in my favorite flowing Lanvin, but I really just want to caress her now, peroxide white, thin locks and tell her to go back to the lovely Abbey we once all knew and loved.

Magazine: Numéro
Issue: May 2011
Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw |Next|
Photographer: Unknown
Website: www.numero-magazine.com


Tom Ford Eyewear: Abbey Lee

When Abbey Lee went peroxide blonde during S/S 11 runways, I really thought nothing good could have come from it. She’s an adorable girl and her locks were already the perfect shade. Well, Tom Ford proves that this bombshell brings sophistication and infinite sex appeal to his eyewear campaign. The dramatic cat eyes and the exaggerated sunglasses emit class. There are only two things that could make this better: Nicholas Hoult and for that crystal necklace to be in my possession, please and thank you.

Campaign: Tom Ford Eyewear
Season: Spring/Summer 2011
Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw
Photographer: Tom Ford


Vogue Paris: Pussy West

In Tom Ford’s issue of Vogue Paris, Crystal Renn, Abbey Lee, and Eniko Mihalik star as outlaws in Pussy West, a wild west wonderland referencing Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and probably Back to the Future’s DeLorean. What fantastical usage of Givenchy HC and Louis Vuitton Fall 2010. This is one group of outlaws I’d thoroughly running into trouble with.

**Outtake includes Tom Ford and Terry Richardson laying one on each other. Awkward or oddly sexy? I’ll go with awkward.

Ph: Terry Richardson
M: Crystal Renn, Abbey Lee, and Eniko Mihalik