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The Met Ball: Angela, Karlie, Raquel, Lily, and Jessica

Angela Lindvall  in Andrew Gn Pre Fall 2011 and Karlie Kloss  in Christian Dior were captured together at the Met Ball. While Lindvall looks forever youthful, we have to hand it to Kloss for bringing out her beauty and maturity. The cropped hair is also fresh.

Supermodel, Raquel Zimmermann, was ravishing in black, feathered Alexander McQueen with a McQueen clutch to match. If everyone stuck to the theme like Raquel, the night would have been that much more exciting and interesting.

Lily Donaldson wore a blue lace Erdem Spring 2011 dress and looked super chic. Many were worried about the gown, but she looked sexy with a touch of delicate beauty.

Last but not least on my model watch, Jessica Stam. I was surprised to see Jessica so prim and sweet in a dressed made for her by Tommy Hilfiger. She paired the saccharine tulle with a Chopard 50-carot diamond necklace. I found this unexpected for her, since she usually adorns herself in this street fashion, rock girl and it was definitely a lovely surprise.

*Doutzen, Natalia, and Gisele looked fabulous too, but everybody knows that already.



The Met Ball: Lara Stone

Not surprising at all, but the models looked infinitely better than many of the actresses that showed up to last night’s event and the randoms that you question how they got invited or if they just somehow broke security (I’m looking at you Ciara. Some muse you are to Tisci. I just wanted to yell out, “she doesn’t even go here!”).

First model in point, my favorite, Lara Stone. Is someone setting up a really great joke by placing Lauren Hutton next to Lara? Gap-toothed beauties working it on the red carpet. Speaking of which, her gap does look incrementally smaller. If rumors are true, I hope she doesn’t close the gap all of the way. Now, back on topic. We all know Lara has an exclusive with Calvin Klein, so naturally she’s going to show up in Costa’s minimalistic efforts. She looks beyond sexy, but they couldn’t have chosen something a little more for the event or even allowed her to show up in McQueen?

Coco Rocha also gifted the world through a Tweet of Lara Stone, Dree Hemingway, and an Olsen in the ladies room. Silly ladies.


The Oscars: Cate Blanchett

I basically held off of best dressed commentary this year after The Academy Awards, but there was one clear winner to me. Anne Hathaway may have had the most changes and looked stunning in Valentino, my favorite Lanvin suit and Brian Atwood heels, to even Tom Ford, but one woman stole the show for me: Cate Blanchett. There’s no hiding my fan girl love for Tisci and his haute couture creations, but she looked absolutely angelic in the lilac, hand-beaded, origami-like, structured gown. To pair with this stunning number, she went with a light, but chic hair with understated, gold accessories.

This is how you treat the Oscars, ladies. Absolutely divine.


The Dapper Zachary Quinto

Spock decided to show up at the CFDA Fashion Awards Monday looking fine as ever. While I prefer to ogle his hipster self in “walking posts” on ONTD, this does justice. He came along with British designer Simon Spurr who was nominated for the Swarovski Award for Menswear and lost. Still pretty sexy.

I love the hair and I wish I had the patience to let the top of my hair grow that long, but alas I do not and I get bothered after looking like Jimmy Neutron at this stage in my hair’s life. Also, is that a couple stripes of black glitter on his lapel? Teehee. I often fantasize that this hairy beast is gay and wishes sometime come true, people. We might get lucky.

[Wire Image][1]

Diane Kruger – Fashion Star

Diane, what can’t you love about this woman? Most know her from Inglourious Basterds, but many also know her through her keen fashions and superb sense of style that is unmatchable. She has such high tastes from Chanel – says Karl Lagerfeld is like a father – to Haute Couture and the most casual wear, yet is always so perfectly edited from top to bottom. Sometimes her style can raise questions, but there never is a question for taste.  Recently she has really caught my attention, not to mention the whole fashion universe’s eye, with all of her exquisite numbers she wears on and off the runway.

We begin a few weeks ago in St. Tropez. The night before Chanel unveiled the resort collection, Diane sported a beautiful Chanel number paired with a hat to make it seem like the perfect casual ensemble. How relaxed yet cool does she look? During the actual runway show, Miss Kruger wowed in a Chanel Pre-Fall 2010 minidress adorned in black paillettes. The formal model is sexy as an obvious Chanel darling. I think her best accessory to date is her beau, Joshua Jackson, or Pacey if you will. He’s turned into such a GQ man as of late. Something is rubbing off and it’s something that I need to steal. Perfection is what it all is. Perfection.

Street style is something that is very interesting and different for everyone. Diane mastered it like it was effortless. What I’m sure is J.CREW, she pairs it with a hat again and Lanvin heels as she goes from shopping to wherever. The skirt is cute and the pop of purple makes the outfit exciting, while the heels bring a slight edge to the feminine and whimsy with the gold chain.

Now to the Cannes’s ensembles that got endless press. My first choice is the Jason Wu gown at Palme d’Or Award Closing Ceremony during Cannes Film Festival. The custom fuchsia gown is stunning and I don’t care to hear opinions stating otherwise. The black bodice is pretty with the lace and bead details, and this is definitely a gown to wear to make a statement. It comes across so strong, a bit quirky, and highly feminine. I love the gown on this woman! Moving on at Cannes, you can’t overlook the Giambattista Valli Fall 2010 dress. While the hair isn’t the best statement to make for any occasion, the dress is just absolutely beautiful and stunning. The bodice makes the whole dress with the beading and block flowers. Add the lower 60s pink half, and the look is so chic and wonderful. While most could not pull this off, instances like these excite me. Why just wear the same old boring dress? Have fun and play. This is what fashion is all about.

There is one more occasion that really caught my eye. This one other occasion is when she is wearing Lanvin Fall 2010. This is such a while dress, it’s ridiculous. Granted it’s not for everyone’s tastes, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. All of the detail and beading is fabulous and the fabric is interesting within itself. I love it. She pairs it with the same Lanvin shoes she wore shopping, yet this time they’re black. Stunning. Wow factor. Also, she pairs herself with the cutest little man. They look so good together. Makes you just jealous deep down inside.

[1][2] Defends Katy Perry

I couldn’t have said it better myself, Cheryl Wischover.

“Women who often get it right, with taste, a sense of humor, and personal style, like Chloe Sevigny and the Olsens, are frequently criticized in the mainstream media.”

“Fashion is about personal expression, an image, and for those of us who watch it, entertainment. I live for the moments when fashion makes me gasp. If this sometimes manifests as a swan dress or an electric frock, bring it on. Kudos, Katy.”

Here for the whole post.

Natasha Poly Looking Fab

I must have missed model Natasha Poly in the photos from the Met Gala. Absolutely fab, darling! I love the gold Michael Kors. I love the way it drapes and flows on her body. Such class and glamor. I mean, it probably wouldn’t accentuate anything  so positiviely on mere mortal women, but she does look absolutely stunning and sultry either way. Those sexy Russians.

And to keep up tonight’s theme of Glee, Will Shuester is a slut.  While I really have no idea what’s going on in the photo and I’m not so sure I really want to know, I’d like to see how these two were paired together at all at any time within the night. Who knew he was even there. Go ahead, see for yourself, Gleeks. Should be the last thumbnailed picture.