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British GQ: Emma Watson


Emma Watson just tweeted this cover of her on British GQ as the ‘Woman of the Year’. Wasn’t she just on the cover?

Rose Byrne hasn’t looked more bored or tired in her life.


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An old tired concept strikes oil. Majorly. The inclusion of Daria is a little odd and the placement of maybe Claudia or Cindy may have been a better choice, but these images are striking. None of them look a day older than their photoshopped age.

Open the magazine up and the images get better. I’m always for any ode to the ‘super’, so count me in for the Linda, Kate, Naomi, and the Christy covers. It isn’t nostalgic if they’re careers are still on fire.

Interview September 2013
Models: Naomi, Kate, Daria, Amber, Linda, Christy , Stephanie
Photographer: Mert & Marcus


The September Issue: Lady Gaga

So here it is in all of the 916 pages of glory. A new phone book for another decade of fashion. At first look I will admit that I loved this. Don’t ask me why, these are things I cannot explain. At second glance, well, I find it rather off-putting to say the least. It’s not so much Lady Gaga herself, but rather that the clashing color choices are just so…and the red ribbon…the magenta…I don’t know. I’m also going to put it out there that they could have chosen something a little better. Sure, Marc Jacobs is an acceptable choice for a milestone (120 years of Vogue), but I feel something would have been a better choice. Prada put out these wonderfully printed suits that would have been fabulous. You know what would also have been fabulous for the anniversary? A model. A newly formed supermodel-in-training. Karlie Kloss. Maybe a little less Rupaul, no? Dreams, right?

Vogue September 2012
Musician: Lady Gaga
Photographer: Mert & Marcus
Stylist: Grace Coddington

Numéro Paris March 2012: Karlie, Saskia, Aymeline

Karlie Kloss

There may be more covers coming, but I’m going to focus on these right now. I believe this may be Miss Kloss’s first shoot with Karl, so I’m going to say this is really major for her career. May she become a Chanel girl, amen. Covering in Jean Paul Gaultier haute couture, Karlie’s cover was the first to be revealed and obviously our girl is working it. Need the editorials ASAP.

Numéro Paris March 2012
Models: Karlie Kloss, Saskia De Brauw, Aymeline Valade
Photographer: Karl Lagerfeld


T Style Spring 2012: Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey

By now, if you haven’t dove into the sultry, honey-dripping vocals of Miss Del Rey yet, you are far behind. Probably as far behind as I am with this cover, but hey, why not play catch-up, right? Say what you want, but girl is a big hit, plump lips, old Hollywood waves and all. Her personal style isn’t quite a hit yet, although Mulberry has already named a bag after her, and she can’t run around in a floral crown all of the time. The music is what matters.

Also, can I put it out there, Terry Richardson looks exactly how he looks in photos. Maybe even less creepy. Food for thought.

T Style Spring 2012
Musician: Lana Del Rey
Photographer: Terry Richardson


Self Service SS 2012: Daphne Groeneveld

Daphne Groeneveld

Okay, okay, that’s it. I am officially on the Daphne train, ready to take off and chug along into “super” status. I get her and I cherish her. She is a stunning creature and I support her. Basically, Daphne, I salute you.

Self Service Spring Summer 2012
Model: Daphne Groeneveld
Photographer: Alasdair McLellan

Daphne Groeneveld