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Numero October 2012: Karlie Kloss

There comes a time in your life when you graduate from youthful adolescence to an adult, some quicker than others. We got a taste in Karlie’s Vogue Italia editorial, but now, we see that our princess has grown up into a sex kitten to be reckoned with. During MBFW, I was not only lucky enough to stand next to Karlie, but I got to witness the walk. Put me down gently now, for I have seen it all.

Photographer Greg Kadel
Styling Elizabeth Sulcer
Model Karlie Kloss


Vogue Italia: Karlie Kloss

She really has quite the body, doesn’t she? Whoever is in charge of Karlie’s career deserves a pat on the back. There is this push to make her a supermodel, much like Gisele, and she’s getting so close. We all know Karlie has what it takes, but will she be the next household name? I’m thinking yes.

What makes me laugh about all of this is everyone being stunned by her new sexy image. Yeah, I still think she’s 15 and seeing Karlie’s areolas is just…well, you know, you feel like bathing and pouring rubbing alcohol on your eyes. Turns out all of those seasons as the face of Dior added up and she’s 19 now, so I think fembot Karlie is here to slay. Bitches better stay clear on the runway.

Title: Body by Kloss
Magazine: Vogue Italia December 2011
Model: Karlie Kloss
Photographer: Stephen Meisel
Stylist: Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele


Behind the Scenes: Karlie for Vogue Italia

My baby is growing up. I’ve been weeping at how much Karlie Kloss has been slaying recently. Although her career has been huge since she debuted, now she’s becoming a household name thanks to Victoria’s Secret. Girl will be cashing those checks for years to come with that killer body of hers. 19 brought a whole new career for Karlie.


Lara Stone by Alasdair McLellan

Okay, so I lied. I wasn’t back. I have been rather busy, but I haven’t given up on this quite yet. We are edging towards 200,000 views and we probably would have surpassed that greatly if I posted the past two months, but life goes on. I started this to not only keep up on what’s going on in the fashion world: models, photographers, campaigns, editorials, and what have you. I’d say I was pretty successful in doing so. Everyone has their passions. I had family, friends, and friends of friends tell me positive things about my blog over the time, anything from a silly post that made them laugh to wanting to find the designer of a jacket a designer was wearing.

I don’t suppose I take myself too seriously, but everyone has their interests, and sometimes borderline obsessions. In not just the clothes that hang in my closet, I found the industry as a whole as an interest, and that I take seriously. I enjoy the history of garments and their construction dating centuries past, every small detail about an influential designer sticks in my memory, and the names of some no-name model to you is recognizable to me. So this thing called fashion isn’t for everyone, but the one thing that always gets me is when you’re put down for something that means so much to you.

There are few that I won’t name out of respect that have thought this as silly. Someone who was closer to me than any one person had exited my life in a rather negative manner. I later find that the support I believed I was getting from them was false. They thought the blog I was writing for my own enjoyment to be rather silly, but a reason they exited my life was because they were, I suppose, in a sense, didn’t want me to be me. I’ll be the first in admitting I love clothes more than the average human being, but I can also attest that I’ve always been the same person. An article of clothing shouldn’t dictate your love for someone. It’s mostly true that a wardrobe can bring out your personality, it doesn’t necessarily define you as a person. I’ll leave it at that.

Now, I digress. I wanted to change this up a bit. I’m thinking I will post the average posts that I usually post, but I want to add a sense of myself to this. I’ll post, or at least try, daily personal style posts and see where this goes. A great friend of mine told me to keep this up. She thought my writing was fairly good, and I thank my dear friend, Shannon. It’s all about growth from here on out.

Until next time, here’s a rather literal interpretation of the 70s with one of my favorites.

Title: The Name of the Game
Magazine: Vogue UK October 2011
Model: Lara Stone
Photographer: Alasdair McLellan
Stylist: Tabitha Simmons


Vogue UK: Freja Beha and Arizona

This is particularly breathtaking and refreshing for Testino as of late. Starring Freja Beha and Arizona Muse, this editorial had potential to be yet another stereotype casting of the two, but the direction and styling alone is gorgeous. Freja emits slightly more emotion and plays her role with more emphasis than Arizona does, but I can’t say I expect much from Arizona already. Regardless, the two make for a stunning shoot in Chanel and in – brace yourselves for my regular fap to Givenchy – but the iris print in the Givenchy photographs so well. I’m dying for the pops of color in the otherwise use of black and white.

Title: Master Class
Magazine: Vogue UK September 2011
Models: Freja Beha Erichsen, Arizona Muse
Photographer: Mario Testino
Stylist: Lucinda Chambers


Vogue September 2011: Kate Moss

Kate in McQueen

I still claim that my invitation was lost somewhere in the mail. Kate’s wedding was the wedding to be at, and such a darling wedding at that. Who cares about the royal wedding nonsense when the Kate Moss is getting married?

First off, I want to thank Anna Wintour for not only providing a lovely cover, but providing us all with a brilliant idea for the September issue: Kate’s wedding. She is but the queen, am I right?

Going through the photos, some big names were in attendance at her wedding. There was Stella McCartney and her father, Paul McCartney, Jack White and Karen Elson, Hamish Bowles, Naomi Campbell, Marc Jacobs,  Daphne Guinness, Lara Stone, and many others were all their to witness the nuptials and the soiree that happened after. Such a charming celebration it must have been.

For photos, follow the cut or go to I know I will be purchasing this issue the moment I find it on newsstands.

Vogue September 2011
Model: Kate Moss
Ph: Mario Testino

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Vogue Paris: Anna Selezneva

It may be sweltering hot in the Midwest and across the United States, but the styling of Anna in this editorial is so cool and effortless, it makes just makes you want to throw on a few knitted layers and twirl. Unfortunately, this decision would be a mistake and you would pass out from heat exhaustion or at least drown yourself in a pool of sweat. Then where would you be? You certainly will not be twirling, so until then, heavy layering can wait while other chic options can be chosen.

Magazine: Vogue Paris August 2011
Model: Anna Selezneva
Photographer: Karim Sadli
Stylist: Géraldine Saglio