White Jeans

While everyone searches for the perfect colored trouser and jeans of every pastel shade to bright reds, I have been wanting the perfect white pant. I have a nice white trouser from last year, but I needed a skinny jean. I have been wearing a lot of black lately, which is fine and always chic, but I’m a pure prince and saintly, so bow down to my ethereally white wardrobe now. Let me tell you what I found.

H&M is a house of wonders: from basics to formal, it has it all. While not always spot on with what they churn out, one can always find something worth their while in a store. I happened to come across the Divided Red Super Squin jeans in white. They are flawless jeans on a budget. They fit snug, hit all the right places, and are only $9.95. Some of you might remember that I am the penis-bearing variety, but I like my trousers skinny, and these are perfect for my needs. Check them out at any H&M store.


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