The Academy Snoozes

I usually find myself making some sort of an Oscar post, and while doing this post would be contradictory to me saying that this year I won’t, well, I’m not doing an average version. The Academy Awards are the awards of awards for the film industry, particularly Hollywood, and those that attend are generally recognized at bringing their best gowns, craziest attire, and what have you. This year was incredibly boring. The bags under my eyes grew to new proportions. How many boring, well-structured Marchesa or Elie Saab gowns can we have? How many penguin suits can the men wear? Bring drama, bring the crazy, bring the color, bring something but what I saw two nights ago.

For those of us that follow fashion, we all look forward to the Met Ball, the one time of year where risks are taken more so than the Academy Awards, but come on, if there is such a focus on red carpet attire, give me something to sit through while watching E!’s painstaking and uneducated coverage of the show. In the words of Buffy, “give me something to sing about; I need something to sing about,” then I twirl and stab some vamps, or in this case, Kelly Osbourne. You follow?


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