Forever 21 to Sue

I saw this article earlier and immediately saw the absurdity in it all. Apparently, Forever 21 is threatening to sue fashion blogger Rachel Kane for her blog,, on grounds of “trademark infringement, copyright infringement, unfair competition and dilution” to their brand. They want her to delete her site by June 10.

I have a problem with this for multiple reasons. Her blog is based on satirical thoughts and ramblings; humorous nonetheless. She finds random products and calls them out with hilarious, uncensored quips of judgement. If anything, she is still promoting the company, not to mention using her freedom of speech. She credits the website, in this case Forever 21’s website, when using photos and really just speaking out about what she thinks about their products.

Suck it up, Forever 21. Please visit her blog and support it! I know I would hate for someone to tell me not to be able to add commentary to what I do on here.


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