The Met Ball: Lara Stone

Not surprising at all, but the models looked infinitely better than many of the actresses that showed up to last night’s event and the randoms that you question how they got invited or if they just somehow broke security (I’m looking at you Ciara. Some muse you are to Tisci. I just wanted to yell out, “she doesn’t even go here!”).

First model in point, my favorite, Lara Stone. Is someone setting up a really great joke by placing Lauren Hutton next to Lara? Gap-toothed beauties working it on the red carpet. Speaking of which, her gap does look incrementally smaller. If rumors are true, I hope she doesn’t close the gap all of the way. Now, back on topic. We all know Lara has an exclusive with Calvin Klein, so naturally she’s going to show up in Costa’s minimalistic efforts. She looks beyond sexy, but they couldn’t have chosen something a little more for the event or even allowed her to show up in McQueen?

Coco Rocha also gifted the world through a Tweet of Lara Stone, Dree Hemingway, and an Olsen in the ladies room. Silly ladies.



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