Thierry Mugler Fall 2011

Okay, Thierry Mugler, here we go.

Fun? Yes. Obnoxious? Yes. I could honestly go on for days about the Thierry Mugler Fall 2011 show. I love drama more than the next person, but at what point will those like Nicola realize that they are there to design fashion? I admit, getting Gaga is a wonderful ploy, but how far did that get the house for the menswear collection?  A lot of poor reviews questioning why it took three people to create that thoughtless and bland show, is what they got. Half of Gaga’s hellions doubtfully even know how to pronounce Thierry Mugler. Was the show put on well? Sure, although admittedly I thought whether the models were told to act as drunk as one possibly could. I found the apparel to be mostly basic, mediocre, unoriginal, and infinitely bland, not living up to the hype that was presented, actually seeing no semblance of inspiration from what the preview video displayed earlier in the week. Stop focusing on Lady Gaga and what she can bring to the fashion show. Focus on creating something worthwhile.

That’s all I have to say for now, except for Stam and Joan were flawless.



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