Milan: Gucci Fall 2011

Let me get this out immediately: Who styled Gucci’s show? What in the living hell was Frida Giannini thinking? Frida cited  Angelica Huston, photographed by Bob Richardson, and Florence Welch of Florence + the Machine were here inspirations for this 70s collection of vibrant furs that would give Joseph and his amazing technicolor dreamcoat jealousy, stuffy styling, and flowing chiffon. This was Gucci’s 90th anniversary show and you’d think she’d flow and outdo last season’s jewel-toned and tribal wear. Negative.

Some pieces could really work separately, and at times I feel the styling sucked the soul out of pieces, but the coat Alana strutted in appeared as if she had stuffed her shaggy dog inside and it was just bursting to be free and prance away from this travesty. And Linnea’s purple jacket over that yellow fur number, I can quote a fellow user on Fashin saying, “so Big Bird sneaking out of Sesame Street to Atlantic City for the weekend chic.” If The Muppets and Sesame Street turned into flamboyant pimps, I’d say we hit the target. It pains me. The culottes paired with the leather, knee-high boots was what did it in for me. I couldn’t breathe just looking at that stuffy styling.

Now here is what I truly enjoyed. The flowing gowns is what saved the show. From Karmen’s luscious, red gown, Abbey’s sheer yellow, to the rest of the sheer, flowing floor-length pieces displayed pure elegance that counterbalanced the hard and exotic looks that came before them. Frida did herself a disservice and added the silk florals to the models. Some of them were pretty and added to the effect, luckily most were shrugs and other removable pieces of silk floral that will hopefully not distract from the beautiful pieces later.

And after all of this, there is something that keeps screaming in my brain that I really like this. Maybe it’s insanity and I’m developing schizophrenia. Only time will tell.

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More Photos: [1][2]


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