Vogue March 2011: Lady Gaga

Here we go ladies and gentlemen. The full HQ editorial and cover. It’s funny, seeing the cover now, I feel like I’m almost looking at Raquel Zimmermann, but undeniably this is Lady Gaga. The chosen pieces are stunning; of course the Ackermann and the Alexander McQueen is such an obvious choice with Lady Gaga, but I feel there should have been more styling. For instance, I feel like the Louis Vuitton is just thrown into the set and offered nothing but the draped effect. Luckily, I’m glad they included the leather jacket and her white platforms.

What truly bothers me is that something seems to be missing or lacking in this editorial. I don’t want to say that Testino’s photography is off, because I really think he captured some great shots, but her face is off and she seems a bit lifeless. Her expressions are terrible. This could have been better than it was, but there really was a great effort, just poor execution.


What is up with the pink wig. Anyone getting flashbacks to Vogue September Issue 2007? You’d think there were more wigs to choose from her arsenal, right?

“Our Lady of Pop”
Ph: Mario Testino
Musician: Lady Gaga


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