Sunday Telegraph: Gemma Ward

The time has finally come. Gemma Ward is officially back into the spotlight, yet still not as heavily as she once was. Tonight is sure making me reminisce on my beauties. Gemma is now opening up about her romance and friendship with Heath Ledger, which unfortunately put her career on hold. I’m happy for Gemma scoring another movie role and a play in Australia. Along with these successes, I’m glad we all get to see new photographs of the beautiful, young model/actress. Who doesn’t want her return to fashion? Will we ever get it? I don’t know, but this is definitely a start. With the press previously hitting her on a supposed weight gain, I believe we are seeing Gemma back to her normal self and maybe one day she’ll be gracing runways, magazine covers, and editorial alike. She is such a force, I look back fondly at the baby doll era and we all know there’s still room for this top name.

Magazine: Sunday Telegraph
Models: Gemma Ward



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