LOVE: Kate, Lea, Natalia

We presented the covers last week and now we have the editorial. Mert & Marcus shot this exceptionally intense and sexual-charged editorial in black and white, and leaves the viewer, at least for me, with a lasting impression to this stunning photography. Many had their opinions on the magazine cover and this editorial. Some believed there was a ploy to gain more sales and some naturally thought the covers were great. While I will agree that the Justin Bieber cover  was a great way to possibly gain sales if his fanatics spotted the magazine, but I feel this subject isn’t that rare in fashion photography, therefore I really do believe the photos speak for themselves.

Natalia seems to be third wheel here. I was pleasantly surprised to find her included; her imagery just as stunning as the rest. Kate once again shows modeling as a skill, and a  tom-boy, masculine display here paired along with her nudity is naturally pulchritudinous in this grungy presentation. They don’t seem to be airbrushed to the brim, and I find that allure to be desirable. And for Lea, she is such a “newly discovered” strong force in this industry.

“His ‘n’ Hers”
Ph: Mert & Marcus
Models: Lea T, Kate Moss, & Natalia Vodianova
Styling: Katie Grand


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