Sneak Peak: Lady Gaga on US Vogue

I hate to admit Lady Gaga’s Vogue cover isn’t that bad. I’m going to be honest here, her persona currently makes me a bit ill and her newly released lyrics make me roll my eyes and makes me consider to pour gasoline into them and light them on fire. If you’re going to say you have the best record ever, blah blah blah, back it up with more evidence than those lyrics.

Now, you might think I hate Lady Gaga. This is not true. We’re just in a fight and I find her act less mysterious and basically stale. I can still dance crazily in my room in my underwear to “Lovegame,” sing loud and off key to “Paparazzi,” and allow myself to think that I can actually hit every piece of choreography to “Bad Romance” on the dance floor of every bar and party I attend. Anyway, I’m off topic so let’s consider the following things, shall we:

1) She’s wearing a gloriously draped Haider Ackerman gown. Positive.

2) The text is off-putting and engulfing the page.  Negative.

3) Testino shot it, so expectations weren’t terribly high. Neutral.

4) No models here, but is complaining worth it at this point for US Voguee?

5) Is she wearing a variation of Britney’s crazy pink bob? Girl… Negative.

6) Her face is not immediately recognizable, although it may be obvious. Probably positive.

7) This is probably the most edgiest US Vogue will get in a long while, so eat it up and eat her out. Positive.


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