Baptiste Giabiconi: Showtime

Lagerfeld’s muse won’t give up on his pop dreams. Unintentionally ridiculous, you can’t look away. Superpowers, a great head of hair, and the faint melody of Ke&*#$%a’s “Tik Tok” formulate this pop epicness and confusion. Shaking my head right now. Shaking it hard.

To quote:

Dear sweet Cheesus, Baptiste’s video is…amazing. He’s a telekinetic, bad-boy with a wardrobe that looks like the unholy union of Rock & Republic and Armani Exchange. Also, I kept getting distracted because I just kept thinking of that picture Karl has of him in his Paris studio. The one with the all of the Barbies and him Blue Steeling errwhere.

-Patti Cabahug, 2010


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