Harper’s Bazaar: Crystal Renn

I have never particularly been a fan of Crystal Renn, something about her face may have bothered me, but she certainly looks great in the latest Harper’s Bazaar. Let’s face it, if the girl can fit into sample sizes, she in no way can be considered plus-size, but regardless of the fact, people will be talking and hating whether she goes up a few or down a few in dress sizes. I will never understand this. She has overcome an eating disorder and has been comfortable speaking about such; trying I suppose to be a sort of an advocate. Everyone seemingly gets into a rage whenever she loses weight, but who made it her job to always be that plus-size model? Who says she can’t be healthy and happy? If these things result in her being thin, why should people criticize this? Sure it may seem a bit humorous and slightly crass to defend a girl losing weight, but what it all comes down to is that she has to defend herself being healthy and exercising regularly. The fact is that the girl is a successful model and she’ll get support whatever bracket she seems to be representing.



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