Vogue December: Angelina Jolie

Another cover another day, and of course Mario Testino is the photographer. I guess it has been a while since Angelina Jolie has graced Vogue’s cover, so I’ll give her a break. I suppose I can wait one more month for a model to cover, but I am sure I will have to wait a lot longer for American Vogue does me justice or just gives me Gisele. Oh well, such is life.

Back to Angie. There’s something distinctly 90s about this cover, but the editorial is loads better. What really catches my eye is not only do I sort of like it, I’m curious to see what she’s actually wearing. I do not recognize it at all. There’s a headline on there about Tom Ford, so it makes me wonder if mommy is wearing that secretive comeback we have all been dying to see. I do not know the chances for that, because if I recall he said it won’t be until after the start of the new year we would be welcomed with the glorious images, but one can dream, right?



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