Vogue November 2010: Anne Hathaway

You could call me a fan of Anne Hathaway. I find her charming and endearing, beautiful and intelligent. Upon first glance though, I thought, “Oh, Eva Mendes?” Certainly, I thought maybe Anna Wintour had succumb to a stroke after jet-setting through fashion week after fashion week and perhaps couldn’t judge the final cover, but this wasn’t the case. Talk about a fashion emergency. Eva Mendes here is really Anne Hathaway. Why would Mario Testino do this to her? Someone has a hit out on her. Sure, whoever this girl is appears to be lovely in a gorgeous ball gown, but there’s an identity crisis going on here.

To gather my thoughts on everyone’s reaction that this cover is a step up and completely refreshing for Vogue: False. Close but no cigar.


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